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Hannah Barstow

Applied Piano and Jazz Keyboard Skills

Hannah Barstow (b. 1994) is a pianist, vocalist and composer in the Toronto jazz scene. As a performer, she is firmly rooted in the tradition of jazz, and is strongly influenced by the music of Shirley Horn, Ahmad Jamal and Blossom Dearie. As a composer, her motivic melodies, intricate harmonies and intimate lyrics are reminiscent of Jobim compositions, among other jazz standards, but with a modern perspective. Hannah’s unique technique of intertwining the piano and her voice, both in the performance of melodies and in improvisation, is a fresh sound that adds depth to her music.

Hannah has an ARCT in piano performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music (2012), a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance (2016) and Master of Music in Jazz Performance (2020) on piano from the University of Toronto. She has performed with a number of renowned jazz artists, including Emilie Claire Barlow, Mike Murley, Kris Davis, Jim Vivian, Steve Wallace, Pat Collins, the Brian Barlow Big Band, and the Greg Runions Big Band with the Kingston Symphony. Most recently, Hannah's original song “Where Will I Be?” was recorded and released by Emilie Claire Barlow on her album Spark Bird (2023).

Hannah has two albums of her own: Beneath (2021) as sole leader, composer and arranger, and In a Summer Dream (2022) as co-leader and arranger with saxophonist Mike Murley. 

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