Jazz Comprehensive and Jazz Education

logogifThe Jazz Comprehensive and Jazz MusEd streams offer tailored programs of study within the Jazz Program at U of T.
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Audition Information

UnknownThis post contains general information relating to auditions for U of T Jazz.

For more specific audition information please visit the Faculty of Music website.

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Tips For A Successful Audition

More tips and advice from faculty member Chris Donnelly.
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Is U of T Jazz Right For You?

How do you decide where to study music after high school? You may know a school’s reputation through word of mouth; you may have done some research (as you are doing now); your music teacher may make a recommendation (often his or her Alma Mater), or you may have a friend who attends a particular institution.
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Why Should You Choose U of T Jazz?

Why should you choose U of T Jazz over other jazz programs? What is different about this program? These are common questions from students considering where to study. Here are just some of the reasons to choose U of T Jazz:
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Students Speak

U of T Jazz students talk about the program, including advice for aspiring students.
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Toronto Ranked Best City

The-Economist-logoBlogTO reports that The Economist has ranked Toronto the best city in the world for overall livability, and the safest city in North America.


U of T Campus to be transformed

2015-12-07-tower-road-embedAn architectural team has been chosen to restore and beautify the central spaces of the University of Toronto’s historic St. George campus. READ MORE

Performance Office Webpage

PerformanceThe U of T Faculty of Music Performance Office has a dedicated webpage for time-sensitive information relating to jazz, e.g. placement auditions, juries, recitals etc.


A Profile of U of T Jazz

By Sean MacKay

It’s 6:30 on a Monday night at The Rex, Toronto’s preeminent jazz and blues bar. A sextet of young musicians sets up their instruments on the faded brown, half-moon stage. “Faculty of Music” is painted on the back of their music stands.
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