Vijay Iyer

VijayPianist, composer and Director of the Banff Centre’s International Workshop in Jazz and Creative Music, Vijay Iyer will the Wilma and Clifford Smith Visitor to the U of T Faculty of Music this November. He will present a number of sessions and will the be jazz masterclass guest on November 22. Check out his thoughts on jazz and classical music in a recorded interview and print article, both from the Globe & Mail.

Recorded Interview

Article: Classical music at the Banff Centre: It’s a religion, with its own doctrine

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Achieving Hand Independence-Part 1

By Chris Donnelly

Achieving hand independence is one of a pianist’s top priorities; it’s a common pursuit among students. It’s also one of the easiest to attain; hand independence requires only two things: Structured Exercises and Practice.
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Upcoming NY Pianists

Here’s a good article in the NY Times on four upcoming pianists in NY. U of T Jazz gets a mention.

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