Wise Words From Hank Azaria

AzariaIn a recent Esquire interview, actor Hank Azaria offers wise words on ‘making it’ in a business like acting, or music.
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The Price of Music

musicmoney_igor-zubkisshutterstockCLICK HERE to read an interesting article about how much the average consumer is likely to spend on recorded music, written by the former CEO of emusic.com.

Terry Promane on Jazz Marketing

Paul Fraumeni interviews Jazz Coordinator Terry Promane. Read more »

Who’s Responsibility Is It To Attract An Audience?

The alert Ian Morris directs your attention to the following article:

“I’ve never seen so many free and low paying gigs. It is no longer good enough for the musician to be willing to perform for little compensation. Now we are expected to also be the venue’s promoter. The expectations are that the band will not only provide great music, but also bring lots of people to their venue. It is now the band’s responsibility to make this happen, not the club owner.

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Building a Musical Career

The following article, published in the NY Times by Joe Nocera and spotted by the alert Karl Schwonik, showcases the careers of John Pizzarelli and Jessica Molaskey. They offer cogent advice about building your career one step at a time. It is well worth reading.
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Chris Donnelly Blogging Competition

Alumni and faculty member Chris Donnelly has announced a competition on his website. He is offering $200 to the person who writes the best essay addressing the following questions:

How do you get people out to gigs?

How do you build an audience?

How do you support live music?

Further details can be found here: http://www.chrisdonnellymusic.com/Blog/Blog.php/announcing-a-blog-competition

Cruise Ships

Here’s a website link with a lot of information about working on cruise ships.


Working For Free

A recent column in the Toronto Star, written by Heather Mallick, discusses the concept of working for free. While focusing on bloggers at the Huffington Post, it can easily be applied to musicians who are asked to donate their talents in return for exposure, fun or the possibility of future paid work.

This brings up the point that this blog is wholly owned and operated by U of T Jazz. AOL has, of yet, not made an offer.
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Recording An Album

U of T Jazz alumnus Alex Goodman shares his thoughts on recording an album.
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