Thoughts on Jazz Education

(Dave Liebman speaking to students and teachers at the IASJ Meeting in Graz)

Written by Ronan Guilfoyle from the blog Mostly Music.

Thoughts on Jazz Education, Art, Craft, and Entitlement

I’ve spent the past week at the International Association of Schools of Jazz annual meeting in Graz in Austria. I’ve written before about what goes on at the IASJ meetings and what a buzz it is, and this year was no exception. Last year it was in Brazil, and this year in Austria so naturally the vibe of the location was quite different, but the camaraderie of the musicians – teachers and students alike – was as strong as ever. At a time when institutionalised jazz education as an idea is again under scrutiny, it was interesting and thought provoking to be part of this meeting and once again my feelings on the positive benefits of jazz education were both confirmed and reinforced. Read more »

Chris Donnelly Blogging Competition

Alumni and faculty member Chris Donnelly has announced a competition on his website. He is offering $200 to the person who writes the best essay addressing the following questions:

How do you get people out to gigs?

How do you build an audience?

How do you support live music?

Further details can be found here:

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