Careers In Jazz

CBCCBC radio explores the booming financial market that awaits fledgling jazz musicians.


While Rome burns…

1378134_10204378667403417_4130689731324016283_nWith the threat of a nearby gas leak, U of T Jazz evacuated the building, which fortunately did not wind up looking like this.

Why You Should Play Trumpet

marching_band_1_black_white_line_art_coloring_book_colouring-1979pxWatch this video to understand why you too should play the trumpet.
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Sneezing into a trombone

_73632190_624_tromboneIn case you were wondering, here’s what it sounds like when you sneeze into a trombone.
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First Hard Drive

For those whose digital library contains more music than you can keep track of, here’s the original hard drive. 3.75 mb, almost enough for one MP3.


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