Triptych Front2nd year undergrads Carter Brodkorb, Evan Gratham and Petros Anagnostakos, have released an impressive debut CD featuring five originals by Carter and one by Evan.
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Jazz Primer Series 2017-2018

jazz_logoU of T Jazz offers a 4-part Jazz Primer Series intended for secondary school students. Teachers are also welcome!
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U of T Grads are highly employable

graduation_capThe University of Toronto has one of the best graduate employability outcomes in the world, says a new independent study.


Students Listen

What kind of music are U of T Jazz students into? Here’s a short list of suggested listening, submitted by the students.
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Audition Advice

Tips-and-AdviceThis post offers advice for a successful and less-stressful audition.
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Why Should You Choose U of T Jazz?

Why should you choose U of T Jazz over other jazz programs? What is different about this program? These are common questions from students considering where to study. Here are just some of the reasons to choose U of T Jazz:
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Students Speak

U of T Jazz students talk about the program, including advice for aspiring students.
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Jam Tunes

Check this post for tunes to be played at upcoming jam sessions, as well as the accumulated tune list. This is a good way to build your repertoire; if a tune has been called once it will be called again.

Feb 24: Andrew Downing UG Ensemble


Blues Connotation
Lonely Woman

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