Jazz Weekly-April 15
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

These are all recitals and they are all at upper jazz.

Tuesday, April 16th

7:00 Max Filazek-guitar

Wednesday, April 17th

Anthony D’Alessandro Final Recital
Evan Gratham – bass
Nick Donovan – drums
Jenna Marie Pinard – vocals

We will be playing my own compositions and arrangements, as well as a few other surprises.

7:00 Kieran Dicke-bass

Ben Isenstein – piano
Geoffrey Alan Bruce – drums
Austin Bassarath – sax
Jenna Marie – voice

Thursday, April 18th

5:00 Kieran Murphy-sax

Evan Dalling, Trumpet
Ian McGimpsey, Guitar
Ben Isenstein, Piano
Devin Patten, Bass
Nick Donovan, Drums


“We’re just going to refocus on Charlie Haden’s dead body.” – Anonymous

« Why do so many jazz boys wear hats that don’t cover their ears. » – Anonymous

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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