Jazz Weekly-March 25
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This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Sunday, March 24th


Monday, March 25th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Patrick O’Reilly

Voice: Vanessa Gadoutsis
Sax: Kieran Murphy
Trombone: Andrew Gormley
Piano: Bjorn Kriel
Guitar: Harry Bartlett
Bass: Mira Riselli
Drums: Jason Martin

7:20 – Steve Wallace

Voice: Jenna Pinard
Trombone: Andrew Gormley
Piano: Anthony D’Alessandro
Piano: Ben Isenstein
Drums: Jason Martin
Drums: Aiden McConnell


Brass Quintet Concert in Walter Hall
7:30pm, Free!
Come check out the final concert for classical brass quintets!
One of these groups will consist of:
Kaelin Murphy (trp)
Madeleine Ertel (trp)
Charlotte Alexander (french horn)
Blair Scanling (trb)
Charlotte McAfee-Brunner (tuba)

Tuesday, March 26th

Ertel/Murphy Duo at Wenona Craft Beer Lodge
8:30pm, PWYC
Maddy and Kaelin play pieces and improvisations together on the trumpet!

Wednesday, March 27th

Vocal Jazz Ensemble featuring John Oswald! Walter Hall! 7:30pm!

Dir: Christine Duncan

Voice: Abigail Matthew
Voice: Alyssa Datu
Voice: Alyssa Giammaria
Voice: Anne Elgie
Voice: Avery Cantello
Voice: Brooklyn Bohach
Voice: David Bruce
Voice: Dominique Lalama
Voice: Emma Gilman
Voice: Jenna Pinard
Voice: Kathleen O’Keeffe
Voice: Maggie) Keogh
Voice: Raquel Skilich
Voice: Vannessa Gadoutsis
Piano: William Hunt
Guitar: Dawson Chamberlain
Bass: Max Simpson
Drums: Miles Fuller

Jazz Jam at the Cavern!
Come out and play some tunes with us at this chill venue with $5 wine. This week’s house band is:

Maddy Ertel (trp)
Ben Isenstein (piano)
Carl Havgall (bass)
Aidan McConnell (drums)

PWYC $5, bass/guitar amps, mics provided

Thursday, March 28th

Brass Quintet Lobby Concert in EJB
12-1pm, Free!
If you missed Monday, we’re back at it for an hour in the EJB lobby.
Kaelin Murphy (trp)
Madeleine Ertel (trp)
Charlotte Alexander (french horn)
Blair Scanling (trb)
Charlotte McAfee-Brunner (tuba)


Friday, March 29th

Rex @ 6:30pm
Ernesto Cervini’s Tetrahedron
Luis Deniz – Alto Saxophone
Rich Brown – Electric Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums


My son the hurricane at Lee’s palace this Friday, featuring some u of T students and alumni


Saturday, March 30th

Recitals! Upper Jazz!

12:00: Andy Kitusa – Piano

Andy Kitusa – Piano
Jake Rowinski – Bass
Alexey Fridman – Guitar
Jonathan Pascoal – Drums
Abigail Mathew – Voice
Lucas Udvarnoky – Trumpet
Bennett Rouleau – Tenor Sax
Blair Andrew Scanling – Trombone

1:00: Caleb Klager – Bass

Kaelin Murphy – Trumpet
Anson Kai – Saxophone
Mackenzie Donaldson – Piano
Harry Bartlett – Guitar
Harry Vetro – Drums

2:00: Jon Pascoal – Drums
Lucas Udvarnoky (Trumpet),
Bennett Rouleau (Tenor Sax),
Alex Fridman (Guitar),
Andy Katusa (Piano),
Jake Rowinski (Bass),
Jonathan Pascoal (Drums).

3:00: Bennett Rouleau – Tenor saxophone

David Hodgson – Tenor Saxophone
Christian Antonacci – Trumpet
Bjorn Kriel – Piano
Ian Mcgimpsey – Guitar
Jacob Slous – Drums
Leighton Harrell – Bass


I play music through my nose – Paul Trevor Sandberg

“I’m struggling! It’s not working!” – Terry Promane

“Can u believe there’s 12 months in a year?? That’s crazy man!” – Max Simpson

“Bill Evans is starbucks jazz” – Anonymous

“I’m boycotting your concert. I don’t want to come.” – Elliot Chun
“Why?! I’m a delight to be around!” – Mira Riselli
“I feel like if you have to say that…” – Josh Sinclair

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week!


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