Jazz Weekly-March 10
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This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Sunday, March 10th


Monday, March 11th

Monday Night at Upper Jazz!

6:30 – Karl Silveira

Voice: Alyssa Giammaria
Sax: Max Stover
Sax: Aiden Salvati
Piano: Will Hunt
Guitar: Adrien Petric
Bass: Caleb Klager
Drums: Adam Inrig

7:20 – Phill Albert

Voice: Avery Cantello
Trumpet: Shannon McDougall
Sax: Brittany Craig
Guitar: George Kobty
Bass: Matt Coldwell
Drums: Jon Pascoal

8:10 – Kelly Jefferson

Sax: Austin Bassarath
Sax: Jacob Chung
Trombone: Nick Adema
Piano: Carter Brodkorb
Bass: Evan Gratham
Drums: Keith Barstow

9:30 – U of T 12tet

Dir: Terry Promane

Voice: Brooklyn Bohach
Voice: David Bruce
Trumpet: Kaelin Murphy
Trumpet: Ben Frost
Alto: Zack Griffin
Tenor: David Hodgson
Tenor: Austin Basserath
Bari: Alex Manoukas
Trombone: Nathaniel Jenkins
Piano: Carter Brodkorb
Guitar: Max Filazek
Bass: Alex Argatoff
Drums: Keith Barstow


Carl Hagvall’s Scandinavian Jazz
Emmet Ray
Carl Hagvall(SWE/CAN)-Bass
Rasmus Sorensen (DEN/NYC)-Piano
David Huber (SWE)-Drums
Kaelin Murphy-Trumpet
Patrick Smith-Tenor Sax

Rasmus Sorensen is a killer pianist currently at Manhattan School originally from Copenhagen. David Huber is a fantastic drummer based in Sweden. We’re going to be playing swinging tunes with a killer band.


Tuesday, March 12th

Nerve Gas: A Tribute to Peter Brotzmann
Wenona Craft Beer Lodge

Karen Ng-Alto Sax
Pat Smith-Tenor Sax
Alex Manoukas-Baritone Sax
Max Donaldson-Piano
Mike Deicont-Bass
Andrew Furlong-Bass
Mike Gennaro-Drums
Colin Fisher-Drums

Playing the album Machine Gun front to back.
This will be the loudest show. Earplugs strongly encouraged.

Wednesday, March 13th

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Noam Lemish

Voice: Andrea Walker
Sax: Garret Hildebrandt
Trumpet: Lucas Udvarnoky
Piano: Andy Kitusa
Guitar: Adrien Petric
Bass: Max Simpson
Drums: Aiden McConnell

8:00 – Andrew Downing UG

Voice: Brooklyn Bohach
Trumpet: Kailin Murphy
Trumpet: Maddy Ertel
Trombone: Charlotte McAfee-Brunner
Piano: Max Donaldson
Guitar: Julian Bradley-Combs
Bass: Sam Little
Drums: Nick Donovan

The Tranzac
292 Brunswick Ave.

10:00 pm: Patrick O’Reilly SJE

Voice: Vanessa Gadoutsis
Sax: Kieran Murphy
Trombone: Andrew Gormley
Piano: Bjorn Kriel
Guitar: Harry Bartlett
Bass: Mira Riselli
Drums: Jason Martin

Pretty Music Ensemble plays Music By and For Ken Aldcroft!


Swing by The Cavern from 8:00 to 11:00pm for the weekly jazz jam session! Bring your instruments or voice (or both) for an exciting evening filled with music and friends in a cool atmosphere.

The house band is:
Thomas Steele – Alto Saxophone
David Hodgson – Tenor Saxophone
Ben Isenstien – Piano
Caleb Klager – Bass
TBA – Drums



Mike Murley and Reg Schwager

At Mezzetta

681 Saint Clair Avenue West (at Christie)

(416) 658-5687

$12 cover

Thursday, March 14th


Friday, March 15th

Since 1972, Dick Oatts has been one of the strongest voices on the international jazz scene. From his work with the Thad Jones / Mel Lewis (Vanguard) Orchestra, Joe Henderson, Bob Brookmeyer, as well his prolific career as a sideman and band leader has put Oatts at the forefront of jazz.

Come to The Emmet Ray at 7:00pm to hear two sets of cultivating music written by the illustrious, Dick Oatts.

The band is:
Zach Griffin (Alto Saxophone)
Thomas Steele (Alto Saxophone)
Noah Franche-Nolan (Piano)
Alexander Argatoff (Bass)
Jacob Slous (Drums)


Ernesto Cervini Trio
Friday, March 15th @ 6:30pm
The Rex

Luis Deniz – Alto Sax
Dan Fortin – Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums

Saturday, March 16th



“Is this the Arctic Monkeys?” – Alex Manoukas
“Bro, not every band with distorted guitar is the Arctic Monkeys!” – Leighton Harrell

“I guess it’s not a quote if it’s not what he said.” – Max Simpson

“I’m just an earthy boi.” – Vonne Aguda

“I noticed because I notice things.” – Jenna Pinard

“If Eisenman says it’s 2 and 4, it’s 2 and 4.”- Anthony D’Allesandro

“Will you guys be offended if I eat this coleslaw with my face?” – Aiden McConnell

“I have put so much money in the 8 Ball Pool app, I even spent $15 on a cue” – Evan Dalling

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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