Jazz Weekly-Feb 24
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This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Sunday, February 24th

Madeleine Ertel hosts the Jazz United Jam!
The house band will feature:
Madeleine Ertel (trp)
Kieran Murphy (tenor)
Travis Knights (tap)
Ben Isenstein (piano)
Irene Harrett (bass)
Keith Barstow (drums)

We’ll be playing some Wayne Shorter tunes! After our short set, the jam session will commence!

Monday, February 25th

12tet at the Rex!

Dir: Terry Promane
Voice: Brooklyn Bohach
Voice: David Bruce
Trumpet: Kaelin Murphy
Trumpet: Ben Frost
Alto: Zack Griffin
Tenor: David Hodgson
Tenor: Austin Basserath
Bari: Alex Manoukas
Trombone: Nathaniel Jenkins
Piano: Carter Brodkorb
Guitar: Max Filazek
Bass: Alex Argatoff
Drums: Keith Barstow

Tuesday, February 26th


Wednesday, February 27th

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7pm – Derek Gray

Sax: Thomas Steele
Sax: Brenon Palmer
Piano: Julian Mulhill
Bass: Ian Afif
Drums: Luke Newman

8pm – David Occhipinti

Voice: Alyssa Datu
Trombone: Ray Sun
Guitar: Josh Sparks
Bass: Paul Sandberg
Drums: Ryan Henry


Jazz Jam at the Cavern!
Come out and play some tunes with us at this chill venue with $5 wine. This week’s house band is:

Maddy Ertel (trp)
Max Donaldson (piano)
Leighton Harrell (bass)
Evan Ng (drums)

PWYC $5, bass/guitar amps, mics provided

Thursday, February 28th

Noam Lemish Trio w/Jim Lewis
6:30-8:30pm at The Rex

Noam Lemish, piano & compositions
Jim Lewis, trumpet
Andrew Downing, bass
Derek Gray, drums


Moodset at Junction City Music Hall!
(@ Dundas & Keele)
Come set the vibe with us as we play some new compositions and some old favourites!
Show starts at 8:30, Moodset at 10:30.
Moodset is comprised of:
Jacqueline Teh (voice)
Madeleine Ertel (trp)
Alexa Belgrave (keys)
Caleb Klager (bass)
Mackenzie Read (drums)

Friday, February 29th


Saturday, February 30th

Jenna Marie Pinard’s Graduating Recital
Saturday March 2nd
5pm (Upper Jazz)

Noah Franche Nolan
Evan Gratham
Nick Donovan
Jay Yoo
Brooklyn Bohach
Avery Contello
& David Bruce

Followed by Brooklyn Bohach’s third year recital at 7pm


Brooklyn Dawn’s 3rd Year Recital

This recital explores ways in which I grapple with the inevitability of change.

My wonderful band includes:

Nelson Moneo – viola
Madeleine Ertel – trumpet
Kaelin Murphy – trumpet
Charlotte Susan Theljy Alexander – french horn
Noah Franche-Nolan – piano
Caleb Klager – bass
Evan Ng – drums

It would be a pleasure to share this music with you :)


“Music is better when it sounds good.” – David Carr

“In my humble estimation the The Rex is worth near and above 6 million as real estate goes in Downtown Toronto .. that just me pulling an estimate out my rear! They could get more if they pressed it but ya it’s no hole!!” – Terry Promane

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


P.S. – Please send me your recital stuff in advance, it makes my life infinitely easier and I would really appreciate it!

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