Jazz Weekly-Jan 21
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This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Sunday, January 20th


Monday, January 21st

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Steve Wallace

Voice: Jenna Pinard
Piano: Anthony D’Alessandro
Piano: Ben Isenstein
Bass: Steve Wallace
Drums: Jason Martin
Drums: Aiden McConnell

7:20 – Madeleine Ertel Sextet at the Rex

We’ll be playing some new and old compositions of mine. The band is:
Maddy Ertel (trp/voice)
Kaelin Murphy (trp)
Harrison Argatoff (tenor)
Noah Franche-Nolan (piano)
Alexander Argatoff (bass)
Nick Donovan (drums)

8:10 – Clowntown

Max stover – woodwinds
myself – piano/compositions
Alex Argatoff – bass
Jason Martin – drumkit

Clowntown: everyday actions and tasks become extraordinary – and for whom the ridiculous, for a short while, becomes ordinary

9:30 – UofT 12tet (10$ Cover)

Vocals: Brooklyn Bohach, David Bruce
Saxophones: Zach Griffin, Austin Bassarath, David Hodgson, Alex Manoukas
Trumpets: Ben Frost, Kaelin Murphy,
Trombone: Nathaniel Jenkins
Guitar: Max Filazek
Piano: Carter Brodkorb
Bass: Alex Argatoff
Drums: Keith Barstow

Tuesday, January 22nd


Wednesday, January 23rd

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Don Englert

Sax: Dermot O’Halloran
Piano: Julian Mulhall
Guitar: Justin Schatz
Bass: Adrian Lo
Drums: Adam Inrig

8:00 – Jason Logue

Sax: Jacob Chung
Trumpet: Christian Antonacci
Piano: Jen Lo
Guitar: Dawson Chamberlain
Bass: Kieran Dicke
Drums: Evan Ng


Jazz Jam at the Cavern!
Come out and play some tunes with us at this chill venue with $5 wine. This week’s house band is:

Maddy Ertel (trp)
Noah Franche-Nolan (piano)
Leighton Harrell (bass)
Nick Donovan (drums)

PWYC $5, bass/guitar amps, mics provided.

Thursday, January 24th

PIANO FEST // Alexa Belgrave
1st set: Alexa Belgrave trio:
Madeleine Ertel (trp)
Caleb Klager (bass)
Alexa Belgrave (piano)
2nd set: ANIMA: Jacqueline Teh (voice) & Alexa Belgrave.

Friday, January 25th

Masterclass! Upper Jazz! 3:15-4:30! TBA!

Saturday, January 26th


Sunday, January 27th

Come down to the Emmet Ray to celebrate the birthday of the great JJ Johnson! We will be playing an array of music composed by JJ Johnson, as well as popular songs he has recorded and arranged.

The Band:

Trombone – Nathaniel Jenkins
Trombone – Nicholas Adema
Piano – Felix Fox-pappas
Bass – Ben Duff
Drums – Jacob Wutzke

PYWC. January 27th, 6PM -8PM .


“You could furnish your house at the dollar store.” – Alex Manoukas

“F Sharp. Hip.” – Bjorn Kriel

“I’m the priest of jazz arranging. Five Hail Marys.” – Terry Promane

“This is arranging class so it doesn’t matter.” – Caleb Klager

“I love sneezing.” – Kelly Jefferson

“I feel like I should be stressed right now.” – Max Simpson

“Let your canons not be loose / loose canons cook your goose! / cook your goose! / goosey goosey goosey goosey gander / honk honk honk honk!”
~ a poem by prof Rappoport

“When I was on the Road with Ray Charles I would look forward to going to the mall when we got into town”
- Chase Sanborn

“I gotta set my anime mood lighting”-blair

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week!


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