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This week in jazz…

Hello hello,

Here’s this week’s weekly,

Sunday, January 13th

The Furniture Music Composition Workshop is a spot you can go if you’re stuck on what to do with your music. Whether it’s a part you’re having trouble developing, a sound or chart you’re not sure is going to work, an opportunity for you to try something you haven’t ever done before or if you just want to come and hear about the process of composing, you’re welcome to bring your music in and get some thoughts on you chart. With a panel of 5 Toronto performer/composers congregating in the Tranzac’s Tiki Room monthly, there’s no lack of fresh ideas and directions we can go with the material. If we can read it, we’ll play it. And if we play it, we’re sure to talk about it.
2nd Sunday of the month, every month
@ the Tranzac’s Tiki Room
292 Brunswick Ave.”

Monday, January 14th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30pm – Meghan Gilhespy

Trombone: Charlotte McAffee-Brunner
Trumpet: Maddy Ertel
Piano: Jen Lo
Bass: Leighton Harrell
Drums: Jason Martin

7:20pm – Jenna Marie

Voice: Jenna Marie
Piano: Anthony D’Alessandro
Bass: Evan Gratham
Drums: Keith Barstow

8:10pm – Jim Vivian Grad

Sax: Aiden Salvati
Sax: Kieran Murphy
Piano: Noah Franche-Nolan
Guitar: Jesse Marshall
Bass: Darrin Nicolle
Drums: Evan Ng


Emmet Ray at 7 pm

Ian Mcgumbo, Robert Diack Rulz, Jacob Tom Thompson, and Alex Arrrrr-gatoff

Be soft- the melody is a fine, silvery, meandering stream. Follow it and it will take you.

Tuesday, January 15th


Wednesday, January 16th

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7:00pm – Phill Albert

Voice: Avery Cantello
Trumpet: Shannon McDougall
Sax: Brittany Craig
Guitar: George Kobty
Bass: Matt Coldwell
Drums: Jon Pascoal

8:00pm – Geoff Young

Sax: David Hodgson
Sax: Bennett Rouleau
Trumpet: Christian Antonacci
Piano: Bjorn Kriel
Guitar: Ian McGimpsey
Bass: Leighton Harrell
Drums: Jacob Slous


9:30pm – Robert Diack Group at the Rex

Bass: Brandon Davis
Drums: Robert Diack
Guitar: Patrick O’Reilly
Keys: Jacob Thompson

I am back from Nyc to play some music with the above people.
2 sets.

Thursday, January 17th

The Masters students are starting the Listening Lecture Series this Thursday.
12 Noon – 1:00 Geoff Claridge is presenting some music by Jim Hall.

Informal – people can come late or leave early if they need to – no pressure!!!
Bring your lunch and hear some different music, and learn a bit about it!!

Friday, January 18th

Masterclass! Upper Jazz! 3:15-4:30pm! John Raymond ‘Real Feels’!


Dan Pitt: DWDB (Duo with Double Bass) featuring Andrew Downing at The Emmet Ray

Unofficial guitar/bass duo series curated by guitarist Dan Pitt.

Andrew Downing – Double Bass
Dan Pitt – Guitar

Jazz, folk, pop and original compositions in an intimate setting.

Two sets. 7pm. $10 suggested donation.

The Emmet Ray
924 College Street.

Saturday, January 19th

Women In JazzCast: With Avery Cantello

(If all goes well, first episode with Kalya Ramu should be available Saturday the 19th on SoundCloud and ITunes Podcasts. Find links on Instagram @WomenInJazzcast or @averycantellomusic, or through my Facebook accounts: Avery Cantello OR Women In JazzCast; With Avery Cantello)

The “Women In JazzCast: With Avery Cantello” is a podcast that aims to talk about some of the issues surrounding minorities in Jazz, women/non-binary/trans people and etc. Topics such as sexism, gender inequality, and being a minority in general, will be discussed with a successful and talented guest on each episode. The overall pursuit of this podcast is to bring light to the universal issues in jazz, and to empower and inspire women/others to keep pursuing the genre, as we shouldn’t be afraid to claim our space in jazz


“4pm is the 3am of day drinking.” – Anonymous

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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