Jazz Weekly-Oct 22
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Hope you’re all doing well. Here’s what’s happening this week:

Sunday, October 21st

Austin Bassarath Sextet at the Emmet Ray

Come on out and join us for a night of full of melodies, swing, drinks and a hang!

Austin Bassarath – Tenor
Evan Dalling – Trumpet
Ben Maclean – Guitar
Felix Fox-Pappas – Piano
Leighton Harrell – Bass
Jacob Slous – Drums, Poster


Monday, October 22nd

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30pm – Noam Lemish

Voice: Andrea Walker
Sax: Garret Hildebrandt
Trumpet: Lucas Udvarnoky
Piano: Andy Kitusa
Guitar: Adrien Petric
Bass: Max Simpson
Drums: Aiden McConnell

7:20pm – David Occhipinti

Voice: Alyssa Datu
Trombone: Ray Sun
Guitar: Josh Sparks
Bass: Paul Sandberg
Drums: Ryan Henry

8:10pm – Jim Vivian Grad

Sax: Aiden Salvati
Sax: Kieran Murphy
Piano: Noah Franche-Nolan
Guitar: Jesse Marshall
Bass: Darrin Nicolle
Drums: Evan Ng


Austin Bassarath hosts the Cavern Jazz Jam

Come jam and hang with us at the Cavern! There will be a short house set at 8pm and then it’ll be opened up for a jam.

Austin Bassarath – Tenor
Virginia Frigault-Macdonald – Clarinet
Ben Isenstein – Piano
Ben Duff – Bass
Drums TBA


Tuesday, October 23rd


Wednesday, October 24th

Jazz Jam at the Cavern!
8-11pm, PWYC ($5)
Come play a tune with us! …But first! Check out the house band, which will play a short set at 8pm. This week you’ll hear:
Alex Manoukas (sax)
Madeleine Ertel (trumpet)
Noah Franche-Nolan (piano)
Ben Duff (bass)
Jacob Wutzke (drums)

Thursday, October 25th

12tet at Walter Hall! 7:30pm

Dir: Terry Promane
Voice: Brooklyn Bohach
Voice: David Bruce
Trumpet: Kaelin Murphy
Trumpet: Ben Frost
Alto: Zack Griffin
Tenor: David Hodgson
Tenor: Austin Basserath
Bari: Alex Manoukas
Trombone: Nathaniel Jenkins
Piano: Carter Brodkorb
Guitar: Max Filazek
Bass: Alex Argatoff
Drums: Keith Barstow


Harry Bartlett Trio with Isabella Hay 8:30pm-11:30pm
Station Cafe and Kitchen (866 Bloor St. W) PWYC
We are all really looking forward to this and would love to see you all there! We will be performing original music and interpreting music in the folk idiom.
Harry Vetro, Caleb Klager, Harry Bartlett, Isabella Hay

Harry also wanted to add that they have drink specials. Last time he went there it was 5$ for a pint of Henderson’s Food Truck Ale? So come hang.

Friday, October 26th

Masterclass! 3:15pm-4:30pm! Upper Jazz! Jim Galloway – A Journey in Jazz Documentary screening with Director James Cullingham!

Saturday, October 27th

Jim Vivian Quartet:
David French – saxophone
David Restivo – piano
Ethan Ardelli – drums

Home Smith Bar – Old Mill
21 Old Mill Rd., Toronto


“Dixiecore.” – Dawson Chamberlain
“I know how appendi.” – Ryan Henry
In refenerence to Dan and Britt’s wedding: “If you guys get married in Wellesley I will shoot myself in the face.” – Caleb Klager
“Winning!” – Maddy Ertel
“Chords are like cheese; you can put them on some things, but not everything.” – Prof. Rapoport

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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