Jazz Weekly-Sep 24
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello all,

Monday, September 24th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30pm – Dave Young Ensemble

Sax – Austin Basserath
Trumpet – Evan Dalling
Trombone – Nick Adema
Piano – Josh Sinclair
Bass – Evan Gratham
Drums – Jacob Slous

7:20 – Andrew Downing UG Ensemble

Voice – Brooklyn Bohach
Trumpet – Kaelin Murphy
Trumpet – Maddy Ertel
Trombone – Charlotte McAfee-Brunner
Piano – Max Donaldson
Guitar – Julian Bradley-Combs
Bass – Sam Little
Drums – Nick Donovan

Wednesday, September 26th

Tranzac 10pm
Music By Harry and Furlong S1E1

Premiere edition of a new monthly series at the best venue in Toronto. Every 4th Sunday of the month in the Southern Cross. One set each of groups led by Harrison Vetro and Andrew Furlong.

This month featuring :

PT. 1 (10PM)
Andrew Furlong, amplified upright bass and Mark Ballyk, percussion –
Come say goodbye to Mark before he heads off to report on a burgeoning middle class and the best recipe for organ meat stew.

PT.2 (11PM)
The Search For Eternal Happiness – Large Free Improvisation Ensemble led BY Harry Vetro!!
Harry Vetro, Emily Denison, Madeleine Ertel, Patrick O’Reilly, Dan Pitt, Meghan Noelle Gilhespy, Nelson Moneo, Patrick Smith, John Nicholson, Andrew Furlong, Noah Franche-Nolan, Harrison Argatoff, Alison Keery

PWYC/$10 suggested
292 Brunswick Ave.

Thursday, September 27th

120 diner jam


Come on out for a back to school jam session! Or if you’re not in school, just a super fun jazz jam! It’s gonna be a ton of fun and [Irene Harrett is] super excited. Everyone is welcome 💕

Caity Gyorgy – vox
Taylor Maslin – clarinet
Jay Yoo – guitar
Josh Sinclair – piano
William Dietrich – bass
Nick Donovan – drums

Friday, September 28th

Masterclass! 3:15-4:30pm! Upper Jazz! Tara Kannangara!

Saturday, September 29th

Meghan Gilhespy, Patrick O’Reilly, and Phill Albert will be joining Vancouver’s David Blake this Saturday afternoon at the Rex. 3:00! Fun improvisations and music!


“Where we come from, ‘Impressions’ is kind of a church hymn.” – Blair Scanling

“Nobody ever listens to the bass player.” Andrew Downing

“My favourite accessory is the crumbs of the food I’ve eaten during the day all over my clothes.” – Avery Cantello

“Fire trucks are actually water trucks.” – Alex Manoukas

“Jacob Chung doesn’t wear lotion.” – David Hodgson and Leighton Harrell

“I’m tired of these post-Brecker goblins invading our school.” – Mackenzie Donaldson

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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