Jazz Weekly: April 8
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Congrats on surviving until the end of classes! In case you were unaware, the weekly will continue until the end of recitals. This means that if you have a recital (or some completely unrelated event that happens before the weekly runs out) and want the details to appear in the weekly, please send me your info! Also, please send me more quotes, I’m running low.

For clarification purposes, Upper Jazz is located at 90 Wellesley St W.

Sunday, April 8th

Sounds of Brazil at the Rex 7-9pm (Sundays in April)
Angela Turone – Vocals
Chris Platt – Guitar
Chase Sanborn – Trumpet
Pat Collins – Bass
Robin Claxton – Drums

Event link https://www.facebook.com/events/1663816050366273/?event_time_id=1663816060366272

Monday, April 9th

Monday Night at the Rex! [Last one :'( ]

6:30! 11:00 JO Dir: Jim Lewis / UTJO Dir: Gordon Foote!

Tuesday, April 10th

7:00pm – Jaqueline Teh’s Recital! Upper Jazz!

Wednesday, April 11th

7:00pm – Meghan Gilhespy’s Recital! Upper Jazz!

Thursday, April 12th

Thomas Houlden’s 2nd Year Masters Recital

Thomas Houlden – Trumpet
John Nicholson – Saxophones
Zach Smith – Trombone
Leo Bae – Piano
Irene Harrett – Bass
Pat Armstrong – Drums

Mostly originals, a bit of Booker Little, a bit of Leo Bae (MMus student from University of Oregon). The music feels like The Jazz Messengers had a weird lovechild with ECM.

Friday, April 13th

7:00pm – John Nicholson’s Recital! Upper Jazz!

Saturday, April 14th

12:00 – Josh Sinclair’s Third Year Recital

Come listen my 3rd year recital! I’ll be playing mostly original music for piano trio, as well as some Brad Mehldau and Michel Legrand.

Josh Sinclair – Piano
Irene Harrett – Bass
Nick Donovan – Drums

1:00pm – Anthony D’Alessandro’s Recital! Upper Jazz!

2:00pm – Austin Bassarath’s Recital! Upper Jazz!

3:00pm – Vonne Aguda’s Recital! Upper Jazz!

7:00pm – Ben Edgecombe’s Recital! Upper Jazz!


“All jazz sounds the same.” – Andrew Gormley

“Didn’t you used to play the saxophone?” – Mira Riselli
“I’m not proud of it, but it happened.” – Ava Riselli

“Is this the Jamey Abersold for ‘Choose Your Weapon?’” – Andrew Gormley

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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