Jazz Weekly: March 4
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

We’re finally nearing the end! Here’s what’s on for the week:

Sunday, March 4th

Keagan Eskritt hosts the Jazz United Jam

Tranzac Club- Tiki Room

Jackson Welchner- Voice
John Nicholson- Tenor Saxophone
Kristian Podlacha- Piano
Alex Lakusta- Bass
Travis Knights- Tap
Keagan Eskritt- Drums and Host

Monday, March 5th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – John MacLeod

Nick Adema – Bone
Kieran Dicke – Bass
Max Filazek – Guitar
Baron Jan – Drums
Russell Matthews – Sax
Bjorn Kriel – Piano

7:20 – Don Englert

Max Donaldson – Piano
Henry Jenkins – Bass
Nathaniel Marshal – Trumpet
Kaol Porter – Drums
Thomas Steele – Sax

8:10 – Will Carn

Henry Jenkins – Bass
Andy Kitusa – Piano
Nolan Murphy – Bone
Jon Pascoal – Drums
Max Stover – Sax
Lucas Udvarnoky – Trumpet

Tuesday, March 6th

JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Bands meet the University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra UTJO. Tuesday March 6th, 2018 7:00 p.m. at Lula Lounge! 1585 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M6K 1T9. Admission: $10 at the door. Reservations recommended at 416.588.0307

Wednesday, March 7th

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7:00pm – Downing Grads

Harrison Argatoff – Sax
Michael Bowell – Guitar
Meghan Gilhespy – Voice
Karl Silveira – Trombone
Harry Vetro – Drums

Thursday, March 8th


Friday, March 9th

Last Masterclass! Ineke VanDoorn & Marc van Vugt! 3:15 – 4:30!



Walter Hall! 7:30! U of T Jazz 12tet featuring Ineke van Dorn and Marc van Vugt! Dir: Terry Promane!


Matt Sandrin Books Shows:
at Smiling Buddha Basement
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ada Lea (Montreal)


Omhouse (full band),
Charlotte Cornfield (full band)
Sea Beau (full band)

9PM / 19+
$8 adv, $10 at door

Saturday, March 10th


Sunday, March 11th

Honouring Our Students Pow Wow 2018

Okay so I’m aware that this has absolutely nothing to do with jazz but it’s going to be tons of fun so I would love to see your beautiful faces there! Also I’m volunteering so if you see me please stop and say hi!

Also: “This year’s event will feature a *much* larger, state-of-the-art venue, over 50+ food, craft, and information vendors, giveaways, and some of the best drum groups and dancers from across Turtle Island!

Everyone is welcome.”

For more details please visit: https://www.facebook.com/events/163382567770698/


“Have you guys ever smelt your own bellybutton?” – Leighton Harrell (shirtless)

“Andy Irvine loved to play tunes in 11/16.” Dr. Coifier (Our Cetic Music Teacher)
“That’s really hip.” – Keagan Eskritt

“Did this noise just get louder or did our ears just get quieter? – Andrew Gormley

“These are some heavy sausages. They’re very salty and sausagey.” – Evan Gratham

“I don’t know what I value in life, so I can’t answer any questions.” – Harry Vetro

“Harry, you can’t wear a toque with a suit!” – Mira Riselli
“Well just [censored] watch me!” – Harry Bartlett
(Full disclosure: he did not wear the toque with the suit.)

​That’s all folks! Have a great week,


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