Jazz Weekly: March 25
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Here’s the weekly…

Sunday, March 25th


Monday, March 26th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Jason Logue

Christian Antonacci – Trumpet
Nicholas Adema – Trombone
Wes White – Guitar
Jennifer Lo – Piano
Leighton Harrell – Bass
Jason Martin – Drums

7:20 – Steve Wallace

Alex Fridman – Guitar
Miles Fuller- Drums
George Kotby – Guitar
Bjorn Kriel – Piano
Jacob Slous – Drums

Tuesday, March 27th


Wednesday, March 28th

Renee Rosnes! Featured with the UTJO (dir. Gord Foote) and 11:00 Jazz Orchestra (dir. Jim Lewis)! Walter Hall! 7:30pm!

Thursday, March 29th


Friday, March 30th


Saturday, March 31st



“I really wanna eat that crusted cheese.” – Ben Isenstein

“Shall we get a pitcher for the table?” – Lisette (Chrissy’s roommate)
“Of tequila? YES!” – Mira Riselli

“If you’re not happy here, get the [censored] out.” – Cecil Taylor

“Stop saying things I disagree with!” Jackson Welchner

“I like Will Smith, because he’s old but still cool, like me.” – Evan’s Mom

“I’m lame-spice.” – Jackson Welchner

“Alex, one day he’s going to invite you to his house for cookies, then when you get there he’s going to put you in the oven and eat you!” – Leighton Harrell

“Budweiser tastes warm now matter how cold it is.” – Chris Platt

“Writing charts and breaking hearts.” Ben Edgecombe

“Only cereal ever. That’s the diet I want.” – David Carr

“You don’t matter.” – Irene Harrett (to Josh in UTJO rehearsal)

“Fashion Tactics: by Chase Sanborn” – Dawson Chamberlain

“5 Dollars for 10 nuggets, 4 Dollars for 20… That’s the problem with America right there!” – Dawson Chamberlain
“You solved it!” – Ryan Henry

“I don’t need to go….. don’t.. not.” – Jim Lewis

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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