Jazz Weekly: March 18
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

We are finally nearing the end! Here’s what on the menu for this week:

Sunday, March 18th


Monday, March 19th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Jim Vivian 1

Petros Anagnostakos – Drums
Austin Bassarath – Sax
Carter Brodkorb – Piano
Maddie Ertel – Trumpet
Evan Gratham – Bass
David Hodgson – Sax

7:20 – Jacqueline Teh

Jackson Welchner (vocals)
Avery Cantello (vocals)
Vannessa Gadoutsis (vocals)
Abigail Mathew (vocals)
Chrissy Vrijenhoek (vocals)
Jen Lo (piano)
Harry Bartlett (guitar)
Mira Riselli (bass)
Miles Fuller (drums)

8:10 – Darren Sigesmund

Vonne Aguda – Trombone
Steffan Bello – Sax
Kieran Dicke – Bass
Alex Fridman – Guitar
Andy Kitusa – Piano
John Pascoal – Drums


At the Rex in the late slot (9:30-12:30) Collective Order is playing – there are three ensembles playing that are as follows:

Jocelyn Barth
Marie Goudy
Ewen Farncombe
Chris Adriaanse
Mike Campbell

Murray Heaton
Nebyu Yohannes
Joel Visentin
Ethan Tilbury
Jon Foster

Belinda Corpuz
Andrew McAnsh
Emily Steinwall
Liam Stanley
Connor Walsh
Andrew Miller

It’ll be mostly original material and a really good show – 3 bands for the price of one!


H. Vetro is leading a band with B. Kriel, M. Stover, I. McGimpsey and A. Argatoff at The Emmet Ray at 7pm; pwyc. The music is going to be of the moment.


Zach Griffin Trio
The Cavern Bar (76 Church)
PWYC (suggested $5)

This is the last one of the residency! Lots of original music plus there will be a secret surprise song! Come hang!

Zach Griffin: Alto Sax
Griff Vona: Alto Sax
Irene Harrett: Bass

Tuesday, March 20th


Wednesday, March 21st

Exclusive performance at U of T!
Wednesday, March 21st @ 7pm
Upper Jazz

Songs from our previous 3 studio albums (Tell, The Where, Moons) and our upcoming album, Diamond. Everybody in attendance will receive a free hug from Dan!

Chris Donnelly – Piano (Alumni, Faculty)
Dan Fortin – Bass (Alumni, expert Doritos eater)
Ernesto Cervini – Drums (Alumni, Faculty)


Thursday, March 22nd

Thursday, March 22nd at noon in Upper Jazz

Thomas Houlden will be giving performance and lecture on the compositions of Booker Little. It will include performance and analysis of four transcribed pieces. This will be of particular interest to anyone into early post-bop music or wanting to pick up some interesting and unusual composition and arranging techniques. Bring your lunch!

Performed with the assistance of:
John Nicholson (saxes), Zach Smith (trombone), Irene Harrett (bass), Andy Slade (piano), and Nick Donovan (drums)


Vocal Jazz Ensemble! Walter Hall! 7:30pm! Dir: Christine Duncan! Special guest Kontraband Kollektif!

Featuring works by Suzanne Vega, Burt Bacharach, Hannah Barstow, Jenna Pinard, Max Filazek, Jackson Welchner, Jacqueline Teh, William Hunt, and Lieke van der Voort

Kontraband Kollektif this evening: Laura Swankey, Belinda Corpuz and Lieke van der Voort

Friday, March 23rd


Saturday, March 24th

Anthony D’Alessandro Trio Jazz Vespers Concert
Hope United Church – 2550 Danforth Avenue

Anthony D’Alessandro – piano
Evan Gratham – bass
Nick Donovan – drums


“Getting all the extensions.” – Jen Lo (banging her arms on the piano)

“Every teacher lives for aplause at the end of a class.” – Chase Sanborn

“Remember, loudness doesn’t equal intensity; intensity equals intensity.” – Prof. Thomas Houlden

“I was the voice of the Minnesota Gopher.” – Gord Foote

“Is it called negative harmony because it’s the opposite of what I want to hear?” – Andrew Gormley

“Yo, mushrooms deserve it.” – Zach Smith (B.Mus, Hons.)

“What’s a 2 to 5 lick?” – Nico Golinski (John Nicholson’s GF)

“Okay, recordings and truth aside: just play loud.” – Mira Riselli

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and we’ll see you next week,


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