Jazz Weekly: March 11
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Sunday, March 11th


Monday, March 12th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Bernard Dionne

Dawson Chamberlain – Guitar
Matt Coldwell – Bass
Brittany Craig – Sax
Evan Garner – Trumpet
Ryan Henry – Drums

7:20 – Phill Albert

Alex Fridman – Guitar
Dom Lalama – Voice
Cole Mendez – Piano
Kaol Porter – Drums
Bennett Rouleau – Sax
Jake Rowinski – Bass
Blair Scanling – Trombone

8:10 – Kelly Jefferson

Alex Argatoff – Bass
Keith Barstow – Drums
Harry Bartlett – Guitar
Andrew Gormley – Trombone
Ben Isenstein – Piano
Alex Manoukas – Sax
Griff Vona – Sax


Monday March 12 2018
Zach Griffin Trio
The Cavern Bar (76 Church)
PWYC (Suggested $5)

Original music!

Zach Griffin: Alto Sax
Nathaniel Jenkins: Trombone
Jason Martin: Drums

Tuesday, March 13th

Ornate Presets: The Unknown Guitar Quartet
Rob Grieve, Brian Abbott, Luan Phung, Patrick O’Rielly, guitars.
Maybe a drummer, too.
Sliding scale (PWYC, suggested $5-10)

The Unknown Guitar Quartet plays amazing, experimental music composed by members, as well as other. The group is truly unique, and words don’t do it justice; it will be something like a cake made of density and space, texture and timbre, with a thick layer of experimental icing.
Like the Page, please https://www.facebook.com/ornatepresents

—about the “ORNATE PRESENTS series—-

Ornate Presents is a new music series dedicated to creative music steeped in the jazz tradition, curated by Alex Fournier and Phill Albert. Each month, on the second Tuesday at 7:30 different groups will perform creative original music, featuring many local musicians, and out-of-towners, too.

FB Link


DKJO is an 18 piece big band lead by composer/saxophonist Dennis Kwok. The band consists of young and upcoming musicians/composers from the Greater Toronto Area and endeavors to constantly present new original works as well as classic repertoire of this endearing tradition.

Dennis Kwok – Composer/Arranger

Caity Gyorgy

Ben McCarroll-Butler
Sophia Smith
Matt Lagan
Kyle Tarder-Stoll
Jonathan Lau

Aidan Sibley
Nick Marshall
Andrew Gormley
Inayat Kassam

Megan Jutting
Alexei Ozerov
Paul Callander
Mason Victoria

Augustine Yates
Jon Wielebnowski
Jacob Wutzke


Wednesday, March 14th

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz

7:00 – Derek Gray’s Hand Drumming Ensemble!


Petros Anagnostakos
David Carr
Jason Martin
Ian McGimpsey
Cole Mendez
Evan Ng
Mira Riselli
Chrissy Vrjienhoek


Robin Jessome’s Blunt Object at the Burdock, March 14 Doors at 8:30pm, Show at 9pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/914240478753859/“>https://www.facebook.com/events/914240478753859/

$8 in advance, $10 at the door

Blunt Object is a Toronto-based 11-piece jazz ensemble performing energetic, creative music; balancing unique improvisors with quirky and compelling arrangements. Featuring the music of Carla Bley, the ensemble presents engaging music with a refreshing sense of humour.

Ben Dietschi, Gordon Hyland, Conrad Gluch (saxophone)
Jesse Malone, Thomas Houlden (trumpet)
Heather Saumer, Robin Jessome (trombone)
Josh Bird (sousaphone)
Tom Altobelli (bass), Andy Slade (piano), Robin Claxton (drums).


Ineke Vandoorn, vocals
Marc van Vugt, guitar
with guest Mike Murley, saxophone
MARCH 14, 12:00-1PM

Canadian Opera Company Free Concert Series
Richard Bradshaw Amphitheatre
145 Queen St. W.


Thursday, March 15th


Friday, March 16th


Saturday, March 17th

Goose eggs.


“Did this noise just get louder or did our ears just get quieter?” – Andrew Gormley

“This coke (as in the soft drink Coca-Cola, not the other thing) is extra spicy.” Caleb Klager

“Can Wayne Gretzky walk a burning bass line at 300bpm? I don’t [censored] think so!” – Leighton Harrell

“Drum duo?! That’s worse than anything else duo!” – Cole Mendez

“I’ll play the dynamics of the room; that’s what I do.” – Petros Anagnostakos

“You ever sword fighted your brother?” Alex Manoukas

“Here, remember that dominant chords are waterfalls.” – Chase Sanborn
“Don’t go Chasing waterfalls.” – Alex Argatoff

“… the rest of that stuff nobody else knows. Except those who do.” – Jim Lewis

“I can hardly live with myself I’m so [censored] great.” – Phil Nimmons

“Grease cannot be created nor destroyed. It can only pass from one individual to another. Grease is constant.” – Andrew Gormley and Caleb Klager

“A friend of mine said Ben looked like Neil Swainson and I wanted to see for myself.” – Caleb Klager

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