Jazz Weekly: Feb 11
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Sunday, February 11th


Monday, February 12th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Derek Gray’s Hand Drumming Ensemble (back for round 2!)


Cole Mendez
Chrissy Vrjienhoek
Mira Riselli
Jason Martin
David Carr
Ian McGimpsey
Evan Ng
Petros Anagnostakos
Derek Gray

7:20 – Patrick O’Reilly

Anson Cai – Sax
Nick Donovan – Drums
Irene Harrett – Bass
Will Hunt – Drums
Ian McGimpsey – Guitar
Aiden Salvati – Sax

8:10 – Geoff Young

Max Filazek – Guitar
Evan Gratham – Bass
Austin Bassarath – Sax
Alexa Belgrave – Piano
Zach Griffin – Sax
Jacob Slous – Drums

9:30 – 12tet

The University of Toronto 12tet is proud to perform at the Rex this February! Come out for a night of two sets of music, featuring music written and arranged by members of the band as well as music arranged by our director, Terry Promane. From Bill Laurance to Frank Zappa, Gerry Mulligan to Radiohead, the University of Toronto 12tet draws from a variety of musical backgrounds to deliver music that is engaging and enjoyable for everyone!

Michael Henley – Trumpet
Kaelin Murphy – Trumpet
Karl Silveira – Trombone
Brandon Tse – Alto Saxophone
John Nicholson – Tenor Saxophone
Kieran Murphy – Tenor Saxophone
Russell Matthews – Baritone Saxophone
Brooklyn Bohach – Voice
Noah Franche-Nolan – Piano
Julius Clegg – Electric Guitar
Evan Gratham – Bass
Keagan Eskritt – Drums
$10 cover

Tuesday, February 13th


Wednesday, February 14th

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Jim Vivian Grads

Carter Brodkorb – Piano
Bernard Dionne – Bass
John Nicholson – Sax
Jacob Starling – Guitar
Jaqueline Teh – Voice
Harry Vetro – Drums

Thursday, February 15th

UTJO! Walter Hall! 7:30pm! Dir. Gord Foote!



Friday, February 16th

Masterclass! Upper Jazz! 3:15-4:30! David Lyttle!


Friday, February 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd
6:30 – 8:30pm
The Rex Hotel and Jazz Bar

Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone
Artie Roth – Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums

Saturday, February 17th



“It’s like Beavis and Butthead: Bass Edition.” – Caelan Roberge-Toll
“Bless the people who made vegan junk food.” – Avery Cantello
“Chrissy was feeling the five!” – Jackson Welchner
“When you come in, come in.” – Jaqueline Teh
“0/26 is still the same as 0/1.” – Harry Bartlett
“What’s the deal with chia seeds, amirite?” – David Carr
“I [censored] love dominant chords.” – Andrew Gormley
“Yeah like, maybe if you bought me a doughnut, I’d be friends with you.” – Alex Argatoff
“Phil Nimmons is wrong.” – Evan Daling (in jest)
“Who doesn’t love dabbing?” – Alex Argatoff
“Bird definitely lifted some Chopin, that’s for [censored] sure.” – Alex Manoukas
“I’m just resenting that this had to be a Wednesday night.” – Kaelin Murphy
“Is this Body And Soul?” – David Carr, listening to ‘The Maids of Cadiz’ from Miles Ahead
“I don’t know what I’m doing, in case anybody hasn’t noticed.” – Ben Isenstein
“Dishonesty is your friend in the music business.” – Josh Sinclair
“It’s hard to run out of ideas when you don’t have any.” – Ben Edgecombe on Coltrane Changes
“The real problem is the fridge, not the amount of quotes in the weekly.” – Nick Adema

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