Jazz Weekly: Jan 28
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Hope everyone’s doing well! There’s lots of great stuff happening this week…

Sunday, January 28th

DOG – Walter Hall – 7:30 – Free (Part of the New Music Festival)

Directed by Dani Oore and featuring:

Andrew Gormley – Trombone
Maddy Ertel – Trumpet
Brittany Craig – Saxophone
Ian McGimpsey – Guitar
Cole Mendez – Piano/EP
Will Hunt – Piano
Max Donaldson – Synth
Caleb Klager – Bass
David Carr – Drums and Cymbals

There will be other great acts! Come through!

Monday, January 29th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Noam Lemish

Alexa Belgrave – Piano
Ben Edgecombe – Sax
Keagan Eskritt – Drums
Caleb Klager – Bass
Kaelin Murphy – Trumpet
Jenna Pinard – Voice

7:20 – Andrew Downing Undergrads

David Bruce – Voice
Irene Harrett – Bass
Nathaniel Jenkins – Trombone
Ian McGimpsey – Guitar
Kieran Murphy – Saxophone
Lukas Newman – Drums
Josh Sinclair – Piano

Tuesday, January 30th

(Last one!) @ 6:30 PM
Patrick O’Reilly’s Wire Circus @ The Rex
Patrick O’Reilly – Guitar
Edwin Sheard – Alto
Derek Gray – Drums


Marie Goudy 12tet feat. Jocelyn Barth at the Rex – 9:30pm
Come see the band right before we head into the studio to make our first album!
The 12tet is:

Jocelyn Barth – Voice
Marie Goudy – Trumpet and Compositions
Brad Eaton – Trumpet
Matt Woroshyl – Alto and Soprano Sax
John Nicholson – Tenor Sax
Conrad Gluch – Bari Sax
Charlotte Alexander – French Horn
Paul Tarussov – Trombone
Zach Smith – Trombone
Chris Platt – Guitar
Josh Smiley – Piano and Melodica
Alex Lakusta – Bass
Keagan Eskritt – Drums

…and we will also have a very special international guest sitting in at this show!

Wednesday, January 31st

Wednesday Night at Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Bernard Dionne

Dawson Chamberlain – Guitar
Matt Coldwell – Bass
Brittany Craig – Sax
Evan Garner – Trumpet
Ryan Henry – Drums

8:00 – Jason Logue

Christian Antonacci – Trumpet
Sam Boughn – Trombone
Leighton Harrell – Bass
Jen Lo – Piano
Jason Martin – Drums
Wes White – Guitar

9:00 – Open Jam


Join Irene Harrett at 120 Diner from 8p-12a for another week of great music and great hang. The night will feature a short set from the house band followed by hours of jazzy jamming.

This jam is 100% vocalist positive, women positive, LGBTQ+ positive space.

This week’s band is:

Josh Sinclair – Piano
Jay Yoo – Guitar
Nick Donovan – Drums
Irene Harrett – Bass

Thursday, February 1st


Friday, February 2nd

Masterclass! 3:15-4:30! Upper Jazz! Free! Marco Tulio!

Saturday, February 3rd

Anthony D’Alessandro Trio at La Rev

Anthony D’Alessandro – Piano
Evan Gratham – Bass
Nick Donovan – Drums

Join us at La Rev Restaurant and Bar (2848 Dundas St W) for a night of piano trio arrangements by the likes of Oscar Peterson, Phineas Newborn Jr., Bobby Timmons, Hampton Hawes, Keith Jarrett, Mark Eisenman as well as originals and arrangements from our trio!

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/104119143737845/?ti=icl


“Everybody has a point in their life where they look like a lesbian.” – Caelan Roberge-Toll
“Nothing good comes out of bebop heads.” – Harry Bartlett
“Thanks, pomegranates” – Brooklyn Bohach (P.S. Talk to David Carr about pomegranates)
“I’m trying to keep this concise.” – Jim Vivian
“Without subdivision, all is lost.” – Chase Sanborn
“Somebody put that in the weekly.”- Chase Sanborn (numerous times)
“What kind of lemonade are you smoking?” – Alex Manoukas

That’s all folks! Have a great week and we’ll see you soon,


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