Jazz Weekly: Jan 21
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend! Here’s what’s coming up.

Sunday, January 21st

A concert sponsored by Hart House

A combination of jazz professors, students and an alumus.

The next generation coming up!

Gordon Foote, tenor sax

Ernesto Cervini, drums

Irene Harrett, bass

Kaelin Murphy, trumpet

Andy Slade, piano

3:00 p.m. / Great Hall at Hart House / Free


Jenna Marie & Johnathan Morin host the Jazz United Jam at the Tranzac
Piano: Anthony D’Alessandro
Bass: Evan Gratham
Drums: Nick Donovan
Vox: Jenna Marie
Tap: Johnathan Morin

Come jam with us at the Jazz United Jam this Sunday at the Tranzac club! Where tap dancers and jazzers unite! House set 7-7:45, followed by the Jam. PWYC.

Monday, January 22nd

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Steve Wallace

Alex Fridman – Guitar

Miles Fuller – Drums

George Kotby – Guitar

Bjorn Kriel – Piano

Jacob Slous – Drums

7:20 – SVJE Rhythm Section

Harry Bartlett – Guitar

Jen Lo – Piano

Mira Riselli – Bass

Miles Fuller – Drums

8:10 – Jim Vivian Grads

Carter Brodkorb – Piano

Bernard Dionne – Bass

Ben Frost – Trumpet

John Nicholson – Sax

Jacob Starling – Guitar

Jaqueline Teh – Voice

Harry Vetro – Drums

Tuesday, January 21st

(Every Tuesday this month) @ 6:30 PM
Patrick O’Reilly’s Wire Circus @ The Rex
Patrick O’Reilly – Guitar
Edwin Sheard – Alto
Derek Gray – Drums

Wednesday, January 22nd

Urbania Octet at the Rex


Urbania is an 8-piece band (led by Zach Smith, Patrick Smith and Max Forster) featuring all U of T alums, showcasing original compositions by its leaders as well as arrangements by other members.

Max Forster – trumpet
Conrad Gluch – alto sax
Patrick Smith – tenor sax
Zach Smith – trombone
Alec Trent – baritone sax
Josh Smiley – piano
Alex Lakusta – bass
Patrick Armstrong – drums

9:30pm, $10 cover.

Thursday, January 23rd


Friday, January 24th

For Two weeks (January 24 and 31,) join Irene Harrett at 120 Diner from 8p-12a for two weeks of great music and great hang. The night will feature a short set from the house band followed by hours of jazzy jamming.

This jam is 100% vocalist positive, women positive, LGBTQ+ positive space.

January 24:
Josh Sinclair: piano
Jay Yoo: guitar
Keith Barstow: drums
Irene Harrett: bass

January 31:
Josh Sinclair: piano
Jay Yoo: guitar
Nick Donovan: drums
Irene Harrett: bass

Saturday, January 25th



“So I’m trying to nail this one Kenny G lick.” – Ben Edgecombe
“I didnt know Max Donaldson played baseball.” – Harry Bartlett
“Jazz is soul-less.” – Jay Yoo
“You wanna know something about me? I [censored] hate dominant chords.” – Andrew Gormley
“Sam’s Food Store is a respectable business.” – Ben Isenstein
“A couple of them came out. Some of them were superficial and jive. I go back and look at myself as a musician. I see the period where I was jive, and I don’t like the look of myself in that way. But there are periods.” – Slide Hampton (in regards to his compositions)

That’s all folks! Take care and we’ll see you nest week,


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