Jazz Weekly: Jan 14
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Hope you’re all doing well, here’s what’s coming up for this week:

Sunday, January 14th


Monday, January 15th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Hand Drumming at the Rex

Come see U of T’s newest and most exciting ensemble; led by Derek Gray and featuring:

Petros Anagnostakos
David Carr
Jason Martin
Cole Méndez
Ian McGimpsey
Evan Ng
Mira Riselli
Chrissy Vrijenhoek

We will be featuring an exciting set of music that includes Cuban Batá, Indian Solkattu, Spanish Flamenco and the debut of an original composition by the band! We hope to see you there.

7:20 – Jay Yoo

8:10 – Griff ‘n’ Griffin

A set of Yellowjackets arrangements inspired by their live album: Mint Jam. Zach has arranged his funky favourites for this set so don’t miss out!

Zach Griffin – Alto Sax
Griff Vona – Alto Sax
Josh Sinclair – Keyboards
Caleb Klager – Elec. Bass
Nick Donovan – Drumset


Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School Jazz Orchestra
The Rex
9:30pm (after U of T hang)

Featuring some U of T Alumni (Pat Smith, Zach Smith, Conrad Gluch, David Riddel, and current U of T legend Thomas Houlden) as well as local veteran heavyweights Will Carn (Trombone) and Colleen Allen (Alto Sax).

Really cool new music Chelsea wrote while she was in Banff. We’re prepping for a second full length album in the fall.

Four stars in Downbeat.

It’s good music and Thomas is playing some really [censored] hard lead trumpet parts.

Tuesday, January 16th

(every Tuesday this month) @ 6:30 PM
Patrick O’Reilly’s Wire Circus @ The Rex
Patrick O’Reilly – Guitar
Edwin Sheard – Alto
Derek Gray – Drums

Wednesday, January 17th

Wednesdays at Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Phill Albert

Alex Fridman – Guitar
Dom Lalama – Voice
Cole Mendez – Piano
Kaol Porter – Drums
Bennett Rouleau – Sax
Jake Rowinski – Bass
Blair Scanling – Trombone

8:00 – Geoff Young

Alexa Belgrave – Piano
Zach Griffin – Sax
Austin Bassarath – Sax
Max Filazek – Guitar
Evan Gratham – Bass
Jacob Slous – Drums

Thursday, January 18th

9:30 PM
Concert for Suyun @ The Rex
Christine Jensen – Alto
Pat Labarbera – Tenor
Andrew McAnsh – Trumpet
Chris Pruden – Piano
Soren Nissen – Bass
Derek Gray – Drums
*Fundraiser concert for the Suyun Kim Memorial Scholarship

Friday, January 19th

Masterclass! 3:15! Christine Jensen!


9:30 PM
Concert for Suyun @ The Rex
Christine Jensen – Alto
Pat Labarbera – Tenor
Andrew McAnsh – Trumpet
Chris Pruden – Piano
Soren Nissen – Bass
Derek Gray – Drums
*Fundraiser concert for the Suyun Kim Memorial Scholarship

Saturday, January 20th

Exit Phrase and TVT at Yauca’s Lounge (6pm-9pm)

6:00 Exit Phrase

Exit phrase is a six piece jazz collective that combines elements of various stages of the jazz tradition as well as and modern classical compositional techniques, free improvisation and contemporary influences such as rock, world music, hip-hop ect.
They will be performing original works written by Kyle Windjack as well as a brass choral composed by Ben McCarroll Butler.

Trumpet- Kyle WIndjack
Trombone- Nick Marshall
Reeds- Ben McCarroll-Butler
Bass- Scott Hunter
Guitar- Justin Orok
Drums- Julian Di Vito

7:40 TVT

TVT is a unique trio who explore original compositions using them as a medium for improvisation and exploration of sonic palettes. They rely heavily on jazz, third-stream and folk melodies as launching points for intimate yet exciting musical statements.

Trumpet- Kaelin Murphy
Voice- Brooklyn Bohach
Trumpet- Madeleine Ertel

Sunday, January 21st

A concert sponsored by Hart House

A combination of jazz professors, students and an alumus.

The next generation coming up!

Gordon Foote, tenor sax

Ernesto Cervini, drums

Irene Harrett, bass

Kaelin Murphy, trumpet

Andy Slade, piano

3:00 p.m.

Great Hall at Hart House.



“You’re not a cow, and you’re not little.” – Chrissy Vrijenhoek

“If the rhythm section parts seem weird, they’re probably wrong.” – Nolan Murphy

(With a cheeky grin) “Pat Smith influences people?” – Anthony D’Alessandro

“Brandon, how do you have time to be in medical school, play music, AND play video games?” “I don’t play music.” – Brandon Tse

“Memes are part of my identity.” – Leighton Harrell

“I never had an emo phase, but I feel like music school is my emo phase.” – Keagan Eskritt

*Sam B to Alex M* “Man did you even play a note?” “Naw man. It’s the space you leave that makes it swing.”

“Ever heard of the Rex?” – Andrew’s Tinder match

“I never make it into the weekly with my own quotes so I just listen really intently to other people to feel satisfied.” – Caleb Klager

“There’s so much grease on that…” – Mike Murley

That’s all folks! Have a great week and we’ll see you soon,


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