Jazz Weekly: Dec 3
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

We’re almost done folks! Hang in there! I believe in you!

Sunday, December 3rd


Monday, December 4th

Mira and Leighton’s airing of grievances:

1-2pm, 3rd floor lounge

Please bring us your finest complaints and we will pass them on to the FMUA and get them fixed!


VJE at the Rex! 6:30 start

Tuesday, December 5th


Wednesday, December 6th

Angela Turone & Chris Platt Bossa Duo at Mezzetta

9-11pm. 681 Saint Clair Ave. W
Angela Turone – Voice
Chris Platt – Guitar
We’ll be playing a range of Brazilian music and original compositions.
Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/378461412604817/

Thursday, December 7th

Last day of classes! Woohoo!

Friday, December 8th

The Hart House Jazz Ensemble & The UTJO @ Walter Hall
Come support your friends and classmates! 7:30 start (free)
HHJE dir Ernesto Cervini
UTJO dir Gord Foote

Saturday, December 9th

The Mod Club – Doors @ 8pm
Idioteque plays “In Rainbows”


Tickets are selling fast for this…


“I feel like the more I drink, the more I talk like Pat Smith.” – David Carr
“It’s a glazed, sometimes cream-filled, slippery slope.” – Ben Isenstein
“Gum and chapstick are my two addictions.” – Mira Riselli
“Dog spelled backward is God. That’s pretty heavy.” – Ornette Coleman
“If ever you’re with a special person this Christmas, you can have a romantic evening and listen to ME.” -Terry Promane
“You shed, and you shed, and you shed, and you shed, and then you die!” – Alex Manoukas
“You ruined my lunch AND my pants, Chrissy!” – Jackson Welcher
“It was just platonic pants cleaning.” – Jackson as well
“I love you dearly but you’re letting me down!” – Phil Nimmons (to his clarinet)
“I’m not at Terrio’s” – Alex Manoukas

Also, photo of the week!

That’s all folks!


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