Jazz Weekly: Nov 19
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Hope everyone’s doing well. Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Sunday, November 19th


Monday, November 20th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – William Carn

Henry Jenkins – Bass
Andy Kitusa – Piano
Nolan Murphy – Trombone
Jonathan Pascoal – Drums
Max Stover – Sax
Lucas Udvarnoky – Trumpet

7:20 – Phill Albert

Alex Fridman – Guitar
Dom Lalama – Voice
Cole Mendez – Piano
Kaol Porter – Drums
Bennett Rouleau – Sax
Jake Rowinski – Bass
Blair Scanling – Trombone

8:10 – John MacLeod

Nicholas Adema – Trombone
Kieran Dicke – Bass
Max Filazek – Guitar
Baron Jan – Drums
Bjorn Kriel – Piano
Russell Matthews – Sax


Also at the Rex:

9:30 – Mike Malone and The Composer’s Jazz Orch.


Carn/Davidson/Downing Group
plays the music of Antonio Carlos Jobim
Emmet Ray @9:30pm

Tara Davidson, alto sax
William Carn, trombone
Andrew Downing, cello
Soren Nissen, bass
Ian Wright, drums

Tuesday, November 21st

Upper Jazz! DOG! Dir: Dani Oore 7:30!

Brittany Craig – Sax
Andrew Gormley – Bone
Cole Mendez – Keys
David Carr – Drums
Max Donaldson – Piano
Maddy Ertel – Trumpet
Will Hunt – Piano
Caleb Klager – Bass
Ian McGimpsey – Guitar


Chris Platt Trio at the Rex
Every Tuesday in November, 6:30-8:30pm
We’ll be playing tunes from our new album, Sky Glow, along with our favourite standards and maybe a Tragically Hip song.

Chris Platt – Guitar
Phill Albert – Bass
Robin Claxton – Drums

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/703069193236985/
Website: http://www.chrisplattmusic.ca/
The album!: https://chrisplatt.bandcamp.com/


Graffiti’s Jazz Jam

College and Spadina / 8 PM – 11 PM / $5 Cover

Caleb Borsboom – Saxophone
Nick Lavkulik – Guitar
Noah Franche-Nolan – Piano
Caleb Klager – Upright Bass
Justin McHugh – Drums

It is entirely possible this will be the last jam at Graffiti’s, how the last one went isn’t sustainable for the bar. I don’t want to get dramatic prematurely here, but the least I will say is the support for these events is really appreciated, thanks a bunch <3. Hope to play and hang with ya peeps then. (Note its on a Tuesday, not the usual Wednesday).

Wednesday, November 22nd

More Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Steve Wallace

Alex Fridman – Guitar
Miles Fuller – Drums
George Kotby – Guitar
Bjorn Kriel – Piano
Jacob Slous – Drums

8:00 – Dave Young

Steffan Bello – Sax
Anthony D’Alessandro – Piano
Evan Dalling – Trumpet
Caleb Klager – Bass
Evan Ng – Drums
Jay Yoo – Guitar

9:00 – Jam


Austin Bassarath Sextet at 120 Diner (120 Church St), 6-8pm

Madeleine Ertel- Trumpet
Austin Bassarath- Alto
Ben Maclean- Guitar
Felix Fox-Pappas- Piano
Stefan Divic- Bass
Petros Anagnostakos- Drums


Thursday, November 23rd


Friday, November 24th

Masterclass! Upper Jazz! 3:15-4:30! Majd Sekkar!

Saturday, November 25th



“You have no idea what it’s like to be me.” – David Hodgson
“You just dropped the Hang-O-Meter off a cliff.” – Blair Scanling
“I just want to be heavy.” – Jackson Welchner
“I once wrote a contrafact to ‘Hey There Delilah’.” Leighton Harrell
“We’re cruising like the Oconcolo.” – David Carr
“Could you guys stop talking? I’m trying to watch Betty Boop.” – Harry Bartlett
“I play the b9 on everything.” – Kieran Dicke
“Would it be more disrespectful if I tried to pronounce it?” – Nicholas Adema

From Harry Vetro:

Howard University Jazz Oral History Project

Beginning in the 1980s thru the 2000s, the Howard University Jazz Oral History Project was led by Retirerd Howard University Professor, Dr. Arthur Dawkins. The purpose of the project was to collect and preserve essential historical, biographical and cultural data related to the adevelopment of jazz through in-depth interviews with significant elder musicians, jazz artists in special circumstances (e.g. poor health), and lesser known but important musicians.


That’s all, have a great week guys!


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