Jazz Weekly: Oct 22
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…


Sunday, October 22nd


Monday, October 23rd

Monday Night At The Rex!

6:30 – Dir Noam Lemish

Alexa Belgrave – Piano
Ben Edgecombe – Sax
Keagan Eskritt – Drums
Caleb Klager – Bass
Kaelin Murphy – Trumpet
Jenna Pinard – Voice
Jay Yoo – Guitar

7:20 – Dir David Occipinti

David Carr – Drums
Ben Edgecombe – Sax
Leighton Harrell – Bass
Caelan Roberge-Toll – Sax
Josh Sinclair – Piano
Wes White – Guitar

8:10 – Dir Jim Vivian

Carter Brodkorb – Piano
Bernard Dionne – Bass
Ben Frost – Trumpet
John Nicholas – Sax
Jacob Starling – Guitar
Jacquline Teh – Voice
Harrison Vetro – Drums


Ben Maclean Sextet at the Emmet Ray 7pm:

Madeleine Ertel (voice, trumpet)
Austin Bhissaruth (tenor sax, 1st set)
Brandon Tse (alto sax, 2nd set)
Felix Fox Pappas (piano)
Thomas Hainbuch (bass)
Petros Anagnostakos (drums)

Tuesday, October 24th


Wednesday, October 25th

U of T 12tet Dir: Terry Promane – Walter Hall – 7:30


Lonsesome Town at the Tranzac 10pm:

Victor Vrankulj (banjo)
Laura Swankey (voice)
Madeleine Ertel (trumpet)
Chris Platt (guitar)
Nelson Moneo (violin)
Andrew Furlong (bass)
Andrew Miller (drums)

Thursday, October, 26th

Listening Lecture – Noon – Upper Jazz – Sam Little

Friday, October 27th

Masterclass – Carn-Davidson

Saturday, October 28th


Sunday, October 29th

Tranzac, 292 Brunswick Ave
7-9:30 pm

Jenna Marie hosts the Jazz United Jam at the Tranzac! The Jazz United Jam is an inclusive jam for musicians, dancers and poets! Jenna Marie will be opening the night with a set, followed by the jam! Bring your tap shoes, your horn, your voice or your poetry! Jazz standards and free improvisation!

House band:
Voice: Jenna Marie
Keys: Kristian Podlacha
Violin: Nelson Moneo
Bass: Evan Gratham
Drums: Keagan Eskritt
Tap: Travis Knight


“The shark is the flat 9.” – Andrew Downing
“Wellesley could collectively raise a child.” – Miles Fuller
“You’ve heard of time-no changes, now get ready for changes-no time.” – Evan Gratham
“I like my smoothies like I like my rabies; frothy.” – David Carr
“I have so many good quotes this week, I’m so excited!” – Mira Riselli
“Oh madrigals, isn’t that when a boy gets things removed so he can sing higher?” – Abigail Matthew
“I hope everyone’s having a great time.” – David Carr
“He’s really into Kurt Rosenwinkel right now.” – Ernesto Cervini, talking about his 4-year-old son.

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