Jazz Weekly: Oct 15
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This week in jazz…

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello hello!

Welcome to this week’s weekly. Drum roll please…


Sunday, October 15th

Meghan Gilhespy is playing at the Rex at 9:30! Performing standards and originals, and Radiohead!
Patrick O’reilly – guitar
Mark Godfrey- bass
Ian Wright – drums

Monday, October 16th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Don Englert

Thomas Steele – Saxophone
Nathaniel Marshall – Trumpet
Max Donaldson – Piano
Henry Jenkins – Bass
Kaol Porter – Drums

7:20 – Jason Logue

Christian Antonacci – Trumpet
Sam Boughn – Trombone
Wes White – Guitar
Jen Lo – Piano
Leighton Harrell – Bass
Jason Martin – Drums

8:10 – Patrick O’Reilly

Anson Cai – Saxophone
Aiden Salvati – Saxophone
Ian McGimpsey
Will Hunt – Piano
Irene Harrett – Bass
Nick Donovan – Drums


James Bayford Quintet – Orchard Bar (Dufferin Station) – 9pm/11ish – PWYC

We are playing toonz.

James Bayford – T. Sax
Nick Lavkulik – Guitar
Ewen Farncombe – Piano
Ethan Tilbury – Upright Bass
Harrison Vetro – Drums

Tuesday, October 17th

Chris Platt Trio ‘Sky Glow’ Album Release
Phill Albert – Bass
Robin Claxton – Drums
Chris Platt – Guitar

The Burdock (1184 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N2)
Oct 17th – Doors at 9pm, Show at 9:30pm

Buy Tickets/event page: http://burdockto.com/shows/?show=860
My website: http://www.chrisplattmusic.ca/
Link to buy album: https://chrisplatt.bandcamp.com/album/sky-glow

Wednesday, October 18th

Upper Jazz!

7:00 – Kelly Jefferson

Griff Vona – Saxophone
Alex Manoukas – Baritone
Andrew Gormley – Trombone
Harry Bartlett – Guitar
Ben Isenstein – Piano
Alex Argatoff – Bass
Keith Barstow – Drums


I am beyond excited to be presenting the early show at The Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar every Wednesday evening in October with two of my oldest musical companions.
Keagan Eskritt, Ben Heard and myself met in August 2012 and have been playing trio together ever since. Every week we will be presenting a program of standards that we have been rehearsing heavily with an emphasis on purely honest musical expression.
The dates are:
October 18, 6:30pm (two sets)
October 25, 6:30pm (two sets w/ Nick Fraser)

All of these shows are PWYC with a $10 suggested donation.

Patrick Smith-Tenor Saxophone
Ben Heard-Bass
Keagan Eskritt-Drum Set

Thursday, October 19th

Upper Jazz Listening Lecture!

12:00 – Karl Silveira


[Thomas Houlden's] band is having a show this Thursday at Linsmore Tavern.

FB link


Friday, October 20th

Masterclass – David Braid

Saturday, October 21st


Sunday, October 22nd

Dog Leg Dilemma 6.0 Real and Virtual Concert – Sonic Cafe (Kensington Market) – 7pm/9 – PWYC
Six Dog Legs???? A real Dilemma and no mistake.

What is he talking about?

Here’s what:

We will be performing with no fewer than 2 saxophone players, 1 guitarist, 1 bass operator, 1 drummeur, and a Violiner!!! yep! 6 whole bodys on the “stage” of Canada’s Smallest Venue! That’s why we decided to share the concert on the internet as well. https://www.facebook.com/events/681512018725381/

Who are these lovely people????

Natalie Wong – Violin
Stefan Haynes – Alto
Matt Lagan – Tenor
Nick Lavkulik – Guitar
Noah Sherman – Drums etc.
Peter Bull – Bass/Compositions

Eat before you come, because this isn’t exactly dinner jazz.

Message from Harrison Vetro:

Hey Jazz friends! I was recently awarded a grant through our Faculty of Music Undergrad Association to make an album…

As apart of the album, there is a short crowd singing piece that I am hoping to use as a sample. I am going to record it at Wellesley Thursday October 19th @ 9:30pm

If you’re interested in being apart of this / have any questions, msg me at hvetrodrums@hotmail.com!

All are welcome! 🎶


“I’m in a dark place right now Mira… don’t take that away from me” – Keagan Eskritt
“Anson, I was going to write you a harmony part, but I ran out of time. Well, I didn’t run out of time, I just didn’t do it.” – Aiden Salvati
“I literally start all of my emails with ‘To Whom It May Concern.’” – Mira Riselli
“You’ve gotta actually face me when we’re playing an intellectual game of wits and angles.” – Alex Manoukas on Billiards
“Dorian is the best mode.” – David Carr
“I mean, it’s cheesy, but like, I have no pride so it’s okay.” – Dawson Chamberlain

Photo of the Week (submitted by Caleb Klager):

That’s all folks! Have a great week,

Mira xoxo

“High functioning alcoholism is the name of the game here.” – Me

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