Jazz Weekly: Sep 25
Posted by Mira Riselli

This week in jazz…

Hello hello!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re doing well and I’d like to remind you that you’re all amazing, beautiful and strong people that are capable of everything that you set your minds to and that I love you all very much.

Also, take better care of the lounge. It looks like a pack of rats lives there.

Events This Week:

Sunday, September 24th

Expression Through Improvisation: A Multidisciplinary Exploration – Geiger Torel (EJB) – Free – 4pm

Meghan Gilhespy – Voice
Wiliam Hunt – Piano
Patrick O’Reilly – Guitar

These lovely individuals will be doing a lecture/recital of improvised music along with improvised film as part of the Multidisciplinary Creative Conference.


These two events were both in the last weekly but I’d like to reiterate them in case you forgot.

Noam Lemish DMA Recital

Christina Petrowska Quilico/Hye Won Cecilia Lee

Monday, September 25th

Monday Night at the Rex!

6:30 – Dave Young Ensemble

Steffan Bello – Saxophone
Evan Dalling – Trumpet
Anthony D’Alessandro – Piano
Jay Yoo – Guitar
Caleb Klager – Bass
Evan Ng – Drums

7:20 – Jim Vivian 1 Ensemble

David Hodgson – Saxophone
Austin Bassarath – Saxophone
Madeleine Ertel – Trumpet
Carter Brodkorb – Piano
Evan Gratham – Bass
Petros Agnagnostakos – Drums


Smith/Steinwall Quartet – The Emmet Ray – PWYC – 7-9pm

Patrick Smith – Saxophones
Emily Steinwall – Saxophones
Hayden Farrar – Bass
Nick Fraser – Drums

924 College St
PWYC (10$ suggested)

Tuesday, September 26th

Fraser/Argatoff/Clutton – Tranzac Club – 10:00pm

Wednesday, September 27th


Thursday, September 28th

Thursdays at Noon Series – Walter Hall – Free – 12:00pm

Gordon Foote – Saxophone
Brian O’Kane – Trumpet
Paul Tarussov – Trombone
Dave Restivo – Piano
Dave Young – Bass

Friday, September 29th

Townhall (no public access) – 3:00pm-4:30 – Upper Jazz – Mandatory

Important. Be there :)

Saturday, September 30th

Shed. Then go get an ice cream. You deserve it.


“I would call a chocolate bar daddy.” – Ben Edgecombe
“Arranging is my new ear training.” – Irene Harrett
“Feels like exam week already.” – Kieran Murphy
“Bring on the greasy.” – Alex Manoukas
“I asked the 3rd trumpet to play short ideas, which was impossible because it was Chase Sanborn.” – Phil Nimmons
“Don’t record me, I could go to jail!” – Terry Promane
“This is some high quality MSG.” – Mira Riselli
“We need more tequila.” – Blair Scanling
“I am God.” – Alex Manoukas
“In a perfect world, everyone agrees with me.” – Nathaniel Marshall
“We’re all just pieces of moist fudge.” – Avery Cantello
“I hate dance, but then again, I also hate jazz.” – Max Stover
“Alex, I don’t like you that way, but I really like your bass playing.” – Max Stover
“I love summer camp.” – Kieran Dicke
“There’s no shame in failing HMU.” – Josh Sinclair
“I just let the music possess me.” – Max Stover
“There is a niche for hairy Greek boys.” – Alex Manoukas
“I told OSAP I have two kids and my mom died to get more money.” – Alex Fridman
“Blues is diatonic to the soul.” – Max Stover
“If you ask me one more time where I am when I’m right beside you, I swear I’ll —.” – Zach Griffin
“Dude, where are you though?” – Griff Vona
“Mahalo.” – Ben Frost
“Clear your mind of can’t.” – Samuel Johnson

That’s all folks! Take care of yourselves and I’ll see you next week.


“Flip my nip with a pick…. it’s a contrafact of body and soul” – Keagan Eskritt

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