Jazz Weekly: March 6
Posted by Patrick Smith

This week in jazz…
Hello Jazz,
Four weeks left. Let’s make them good. Remember to keep a positive attitude and don’t get too trapped in your own thoughts. Life is great!
This week we’re going back to the old weekly format…why? Harry told me to do this, and it’s Monday morning and this needs to get sent out. Our apologies.

Here’s what’s happening this week.


U of T Jazz @ the Rex

Darren Siggesmund’s Upper Jazz Ensemble
Trumpet: Sang Jun Lim
Sax: Ben Edgecombe
Trombone: Tim Wallace
Guitar: Harry Bartlett
Piano: Josh Sinclair
Bass: Evan Gratham
Drums: Baron Jan

Don Englert Ensemble
Voice: Dominique Lalama
Trumpet: Nathaniel Marshall
Sax: Brittany Craig
Guitar: George Kobty
Piano: Andy Kitusa
Bass: Jake Rowinski
Drums: Kaol Porter

John Macleod Ensemble
Voice: Amber Tsang
Sax: Bennett Rouleau
Trombone: Blair Scanling
Guitar: Wes White
Piano: William Hunt
Bass: Mira Riselli
Drums: Baron Jan


Robert Lee Quartet @ the Emmet Ray

Bloom @ the Emmet Ray
Emily Steinwall-Tenor Saxophone
Trevor Peverley-Guitar
Marshall Herridge-Bass
Alfie Vienneau- Drums

Bloom is really great band and has some great online footage you could check out before the show.


William Hunt Quintet premieres “The Outsiders” Suite @ the Tranzac

Madeleine Ertel-Trumpet
Patrick Smith-Saxophone
William Hunt-Piano/Compositions
Evan Gratham-Bass
Princess Keagan Eskritt-Drums

Will’s music is great. The band is great. The Tranzac is great. This show is PWYC ($10 suggested)

followed by

Art the Band and Peripheral Vision @ the Tranzac
PWYC ($10 suggested)

Art the Band
Stu Brignell-Alto Sax
Nick Marshall-Trombone
Sean Clarey-Guitar
David Maclean-Bass
Austin Gembora-Drums

Peripheral Vision
Trevor Hogg-Saxophone
Don Scott-Guitar
Michael Herring-Bass
Nick Fraser-Drums

Two great bands. You could potentially listen to 7 hours of music at the Tranzac!!! Sounds like a decent Tuesday night in my books.


11 O’Clock Jazz Orchestra in Upper Jazz Studio

Zach Griffin
Griffin Von
Aidan Salvati
Anson Cai
Alex Manoukas

Andrew Gormley
Blair Scanling
3rd Bone
4th Bone? (Probably Zach Smith)

Thomas Houlden (MVP lead player)
Max Forster
Nathaniel Marshall
Sang Jun Lim

Max Filazek-Guitar
Carter Brodkorb-Piano
Caleb Klager-Bass
Petros A.-Drums

Large Ensembles don’t usually play in Upper Jazz so this will be a treat. See you there!


Listening Lecture @ Noon with Bernard Dionne in Upper Jazz
I will be presenting the lecture Thursday March 9th at Noon.
“Meanwhile in the 70s…” albums you’ve never heard…of!

DOG and the Humber Improviser’s Collective
Upper Jazz Studio
I’m very excited for this. For too long Humber and U of T musicians have not been hanging out enough together and I’ve noticed that there has been more of that going on this year. Come out and support DOG and check out some of your Humber colleagues and Friends.

followed by…

Sloth/Sly Why/Art the Band/Brother Levon @ Supermarket
8pm in Kensington Market
$10 cover

ART the Band is very excited to present a momentous evening of immaculately curated music both danceable and enriching. Describe it that way when you invite your tinder date, they’ll want to come for sure.

Psychadelic Purveyors of a Pernicious Panorama of Pleasing Psounds. Jump Joyously to these Jazzy (yet Jfun) Jams.

Sly Why: Kid
Absurd A-genre groove Academics. A+. Massive Math-Hop Motherfuckers Making More Moves than Moans, but Many Moans.

Brother Levon
Big Bad Blues-Rock-Funk Boys&Girl. Actual Brothers. Badass Bop-Lick-Resistant Bb Sax Bombs. Singers of Songs, Slayers of Sadness, Senders of So Many Shoes to the Dance Floor.

ART the Band
Dangerously Deep Decompositions Dropping Down through the goDDAMN roof, Denying you a Decent Dchance to Dcatch your Dbreath. Alliteration is hard. ART is not hard, ART is easy and fun. Come party.

Doors @ 8, Music @ 8:45. $10, $5 during the first band. c u der kids

(Nick Marshall wrote that description…in all seriousness this is one of the stranger bills I’ve played in a while and is a very interesting combination of bands. I’ll be shredding some pentatonic licks with Brother Levon if you haven’t heard enough of that already this year)


Andrew Downing Panel Discussion
3:15pm Upper Jazz Studio

followed by…

EMS/Blunt Object @ the Tranzac
PWYC $10 suggested

At 7:30: Emergency Musical Services 12tet, featuring original music by
Marie Goudy and Liam Gallagher. The lineup is:
Marie Goudy-trumpet
Brad Eaton-trumpet
Conrad Gluch-alto sax
John Nicholson-tenor sax
Alec Trent-bari sax
Paul Tarussov-trombone
Aidan Sibley-trombone
Charlotte Alexander-French horn
Chris Platt-guitar
Josh Smiley-piano
Liam Gallagher-bass
Jared Goldman-drums

Then at 8:30, Blunt Object hits the stage, run by Robin Jessome and
playing all music of Carla Bley! Lineup:
Jesse Malone-trumpet
Marie Goudy-trumpet
Chelsea Mcbride-alto sax
Gord Hyland-tenor sax
Ben Dietschi-tenor sax
Robin Jessome-trombone
Heather Saumer-trombone
Andy Dolgin-tuba
Chris Pruden-piano
Julian Anderson-Bowes-bass
Robin Claxton-drums

Two large ensembles at the Tranzac…get ready!

followed by…

Friday, March 10th @ 9PM
Hart House – Arbor Room
4 Hart House Circle

Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone
Artie Roth – Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums





Quotes and Words of Wisdom:
“I don’t mind music sounding like it’s real.” – Michael Henley
“I broke a glass, I’m going to keep repeating it until I get in the Weekly!”- Zach Griffin
“I forgot how fun and time consuming Snapchat is.” -Patrick Smith
“I’m so tired.” -Kaelin Murphy

That’s all I have to say for this week.
Have a great week everybody. Keep searching!!!!!

-Patrick Smith
Senior Editor
U of T Jazz Weekly Press

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