Jazz Weekly: March 20
Posted by Patrick Smith

This week in jazz…

Hey Everyone,
Hope you’re having a lovely sleep while I sit here writing this. The world is a beautiful place, I know at this time in the semester it sometimes is hard to see that, but summer is just around the corner and who knows what that will bring!
Rambling aside, it’s a busy week. John LaBarbera is going to be with us Tuesday through Thursday. Check out his stuff online in preparation. Rumour on the street is that Pat Labarbera may also make an appearance, get potentially excited!


Ear Training…

followed by

U of T Jazz @ the Rex
6:30pm Jim Vivian 2 Ensemble
Reuvan Grajner-Piano
Cole Mendez-Piano
Wes White-Guitar
Jim Vivian-Bass
Miles Fuller-Drums

7:20pm Steve Wallace Ensemble
Andy Kitusa-Piano and Piloting
Max “Tommy” Donaldson-Pianist and Urban Explorer
Harry Bartlett-Guitar and Guitar
Jason Jones-Guitar and more Guitar

John McLeod Orchestra is on right after at 8:30pm…if you want some motivation to work on reading, watch any of them while they play.


Boss Tenors at the Emmet Ray
James Bayford, Caleb Borsborm and Austin Bissarauth-Saxophones
Ewen Farncombe-Piano
Irene Harrett-Bass

Major saxophone hang…what’s not to love?


John LaBarbera Masterclass #1
Ensembles are cancelled during this time. Attendance is mandatory. I’m pretty excited and I hope you are too.


John LaBarbera will be working through his music with the 11 O’Clock Jazz Orchestra

John LaBarbera Masterclass #2
Ensembles are cancelled attendance is mandatory.

Advanced Improv Final Assignment Day (GET EXCITED!!! if you’re in the class)

followed by
John LaBarbera with the UTJO and 11 O’Clock Jazz Orchestras
Walter Hall
This is the jazz department’s year end concert. You should really plan on being there. Potential/probable hang to follow at The Duke.


Thursday, March 23rd
Friday, March 24th
Saturday, March 25th
The Jazz Bistro @ 9pm
251 Victoria St.

Hilary Gardner, Melissa Stylianou, Amy Cervini – Vocals
Adrean Farrugia – Piano
Dan Fortin – Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums

Duchess – the trio featuring rising-star New York singers Amy Cervini, Hilary Gardner & Melissa Stylianou – has won hearts far and wide with its insouciant swing, sweet-toned harmonies and a stage presence that has proved irresistible to audiences from coast to coast, across Canada and even in Israel.

In the words of The New Yorker, these virtuoso entertainers “traffic in delight,” as they channel the inspiration of vintage vocal trios into a fun-loving package that feels utterly up-to-date.


No Masterclass. Go to Mullins or Practice? Which one will benefit your career more. (The correct answer is go practice.)

Two Sets
Cover TBA

Kelly Jefferson-Saxophones
Robi Botos-Piano
Mike Downes-Bass
Morgan Childs-Drums


Ok. Let’s be honest here, Kelly is amazing, this band is amazing and it’s Friday night. I’ll see you there.


Please go and check out the Upper Years perform. They’ve all been working really hard to prepare for these and unless you have a job that prevents you from being there you should really go.

Benjamin Edgecombe presents
#OffTheRails: A Third Year recital
Ben Edgecombe-Tenor Saxophone
Josh Sinclair-Piano
Caleb Klager-Bass
Harry Vetro-Drums

Ben’s a great saxophone player and knows what’s up. Go check it out.

PK Productions Proudly Presents:
Looking Up: Keagan Eskritt’s Third Year Recital

Keagan Eskritt-Drums
Russell Matthews-Alto Saxophone
John Nicholson-Tenor Saxophone
Kaelin Murphy-Trumpet
Jaqueline Teh-Voice
Alexa Belgrave-Piano
Caleb Klager Bass

Keagan’s an awesome drummer and a really great guy. He’s playing some duo some trio and playing some sextet arrangements he wrote!

Harrison Argatoff’s Third Year Recital


Harrison Argatoff-Tenor Saxophone

When’s the next time you’re going to hear a set of solo saxophone? Go check it out.Harrison is an amazing musician and human. His quartet is also headlining at The Rex in April so get excited for that as well.


Doing all those end of term assignments you need to do.

Photo of the Week!

Once again Harry was a slacker but here’s a few photos of jazz musicians on beaches to get you excited for summer. Featuring U of T faculty member Dave Young chilling in Brazil before his upcoming gig with Gerald Clayton.

Inline image 1
Inline image 2
Sonny Rollins

Inline image 3

Dizzy Gillespie

Inline image 4
Here’s the rare alternate graphic score to the Kenny Wheeler composition Kayak.
Kind of looks like one of my old saxophone teacher. Hmmmm…

Quotes and Words of Wisdom:
“It’s the penalty of the dreamer to see the dawn before the rest of the world.”
-Oscar Wilde (via Phil Nimmons)
“Hey do you have any money?” -Charlie Parker to a young Moe Koffman (via Chase Sanborn from a story he told me two years ago)
“I naturally feel things in 13.” -Miles Fuller
“I didn’t choose the party lifestyle, the party lifestyle chose me.”- Evan Gratham
“I can’t believe we’re almost done.” -Jacob Thompson
“Let’s take this really up.” -Vince G
“Does that sound good to you?” -Max Donaldson
“Boneshaker?” -Ben Edgecombe (#offtherails)

Have a great week everybody! Keep Searching.

-Patrick Smith


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