Jazz Weekly: Feb 6
Posted by Patrick Smith

This week in jazz…

Good morning/late night/Afternoon in Paris/post gig time frame/time is all relative/good morning Jazzers!
I hope you’ve been doing well. I certainly have been. Harry got the flu which is why I am writing to you two weeks in a row.
February is a new month with a new attitude and you can take control of you life if you want to. One such way you could take control of your life is by going to the events listed in the weekly! Here’s what’s coming up this week!

(also if you’ve ever wanted to re-read the past weeklys they are on the U of T Jazz Blog, feel free to check out some and all grammatical errors I’ve made over the past two years!)

U of T Jazz @ the Rex.

6:30pm: Jim Vivian Ensemble #1
Trumpet: Erik Stokholm
Sax: Bennet Rouleau
Guitar: Jason Jones
Piano: William Hunt
Bass: Henry Jenkins
Drums: Jonathan Pascoal

7:20pm Phill Albert Ensemble
Sax: Naomi Higgins
Guitar: Vince Gueorguiev
Piano: Cole Mendez
Bass: Caleb Klager
Drums: Miles Fuller

8:10pm Alex Lank Ensemble
Voice: Dominique Lalama
Sax: Alex Manoukas (if you say you’ll give him $5 to quite smoking he might actually quit smoking because he’s at least $10 in debt right now)
Trombone: Andrew Gormley (he’s been shedding Bach all week to prepare for this gig)
Guitar: Alex Fridman
Piano: Mackenzie Donaldson (the most reliable man in jazz)
Bass: Henry Jenkins
Drums: Jonathan Pascoal

also happening Monday…

Jeff Larochelle-Saxophone and Clarinets
James Hill-Piano
Ian Wright-Drums

This band is incredible go check them out after the Rex.


Peripheral Vision and Nick Fraser/Lina Allemano Duo @ the Tranzac


PWYC ($10…trust me bring $10…if you were in New York this show would be at least $50…these musicians are incredible)


Upper Jazz Series 7pm downbeat
Composer’s Concert (this is what the website says but I’m pretty sure this happened a week ago in Walter Hall so don’t blame me if it’s wrong.)



Listening Lecture
12pm Noon in Upper Jazz Studio

this week hosted by Jaqueline Teh.

Jaqueline is Awesome and I’m sure whatever she’s presenting on will be awesome!


from Ernesto Cervini

Hey guys!

Tetrahedron plays every Thursday at the Rex in February!

Let your mind be bent…into this shape…
Inline image 1
Luis Deniz – Alto Saxophone & Altissimo Ownership
Rich Brown – Electric Bass & Ridiculous Amazingness
Ernesto Cervini – Drums & questionable bar lengths


3:15pm (Upper Jazz)

Be there!

followed by…

The last Hart House gig this author will ever play as a student

U of T 12tet at HART HOUSE!!!!
9pm the Arbor Room at Hart House!

The most happy arrangement of anything ever by Zach Smith
The gloomiest song ever by Harrison Argatoff
The first ever Jacob Thompson arrangement
Evan Gratham on Electric Bass for a few charts
and the greatest time ever for all those in attendance! (Bar closes at 11pm)

Jim Lewis-Director

Ariel Shetzen-Voice
Michael Henley-Trumpet
Madeleine Ertel-Trumpet
Zach Smith-Trombone
Conrad Gluch-Alto Saxophone
Harrison Argatoff-Tenor Saxophone
Patrick Smith-Another Tenor Saxophone
Alec Trent-Low Bb Baritone Saxophone and low Bb Bass Clarinet
Julius Clegg-Guitar
Evan Grathm-Upright AND Electric Bass
Keagan Eskritt-Drums

Shedding, Teaching, Rehearsing, Commuting, Thinking, Knowing, etc.

Rehearsing, Shedding, Searching, Arranging, showing up to a random Toronto venue and seeing what’s going on because these are crazy times we live in.

Harry’s Photo of the Week:
Inline image 1
All Harry did this week was rehears for the DOG concert, watch videos of Tyshawn Sorey, and make a recital poster for my final recital (February 28, 8:30pm, Upper Jazz) so here’s a sweet piece of art from Pablo Picasso (Woman with a Cigarette, 1903). I listened to Brodie West’s Solo Saxophone Record (Alexandria Park) while taking this portrait in for half an hour earlier today and it was an enlightening experience. I would suggest the same for anyone and everyone.

What Patrick’s Listening To:

It’s late and I haven’t asked anybody what they’re checking out…but here are some records I think are great at this point in time.

Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau by Chris Thile and Brad Mehldau
The Imagined Saviour is Far Easier to Paint- Ambrose Akinmusire
Sign of Life-Bill Frisell and the 858 Quartet

Quotes and Words of Wisdom:

“Pat could make so much money playing like this.” -Ben Edgecombe after hearing Brother Levon for the first time…
“I’m not drunk, I’m just having fun.” -Harry Vetro
“Beethoven would have failed Ear Training.”-Nathaniel Marshall
“I don’t know how triplets work, I just know how they sound.”-Tim Wallace
“Dating is like being in a permanent ensemble with someone.”-Josh Sinclair
“Shed all day, lift all night.” -Miles Fuller
“Look good=Sound good!” -Tim Wallace

An artist’s only concern is to shoot for some kind of perfection, and on his own terms, not anyone else’s.-J.D. Salinger

Have a good week everybody! As always…keep searching.

-Patrick Smith

New u of t jazz mandate; all brass players are required to own 2 Arbans method books. 1 for your house, and 1 for the shed
-Tim Wallace

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