Jazz Weekly: Jan 30
Posted by Patrick Smith

This week in jazz…

Hello All,

Welcome to this week. Will it be sweet? I don’t know, but time will tell, or it won’t. It’s all relative.

There’s enough abstract concepts in the music we play. Let’s get to some cold hard facts about events occurring in the relatively near future.



U of T Jazz at the Rex


The usual routine…



Noam Lemish Ensemble (Garden Noams)

Brooklyn Bohach-Voice

Michael Henley-Trumpet

Patrick Smith-Saxophone and vague musical and conversational statements

Ian Mcgimpsey-Guitar

Noah Franche-Nolan-Piano

Irene Harrett-Bass

Nick Donovan-Drums and intense hatred of basketball


We’re playing Kamasi, Gil Evans, and some sweet originals. Get there early to hear Nick explain why he hates basketball!!!



Andrew Downing Undergraduate Ensemble

Ariel Shetzen-Voice

Russell Matthews-Alto Sax

Carter Brodkorb-Piano

Chris Brinton-Bass and Jokes

Harry Vetro-Drums


followed by the John MacLeod Rex Hotel Orchestra.




Keagan, Kaelin and Evan play tunes at the Ray!


“According to all known laws of music, there is no way that a Millennial-age jazz student should be able to swing. It’s time-feel is too small to get its fat little groove off the ground. The jazz student, of course, swings anyways. Because jazz students don’t care what humans think is impossible.” -Miles Teller

Monday, Jan .30th @ the Emmet Ray


Pay What You Want (Hang If You Can)


Keagan Eskritt- Drums and a lack of MC ability

Kaelin Murphy- Trumpet, good ears and jokes solos at 2:16

Evan Gratham- Bass and an unfortunate lack of leather jacket :’(


Event Page:



You like Jazz?



Humber College Composer’s Collective at the Tranzac



This basically features all the best players and composers at Humber right now. You should probably go check it out.


Your friendly neighbourhood self-descriptively named collective of composers returns to the tranzac for a night of modern jazz.


Sounds by us, lyrics by us, Gil Scott Heron and T.S. Elliot.


- PWYC -


Featuring playing and tunes by:

Ewen Farncombe - piano

Abby David - bass

Mingjia Jessica Chen - voice

Trevor Peverley - guitar

Tom Upjohn - trumpet

Ben McCarroll-Butler - woodwinds

Nebyu Yohannes - trombone

Julian Di Vito - drums


This band is followed by a double bill of Lina Allemano Four and Titanium Riot at 10pm…featuring Ryan Driver, Andrew Downing, Nick Fraser, Brodie West.




Shedding…starting a 12tet arrangement, etc…









Our masterclass this week is Sundar Viswanathan. This should be a real treat.


You should all be there this time…don’t just walk into Upper Jazz and sign in then leave.


As a side note related to Dan Blake talked about Steve Lacy last week and while talking to him on set break at The Rex he informed me that Steve Lacy’s book “Findings” is going online for about $1500 US because it is so far out of print.

The U of T Music Library has a copy of this fantastic book and I would highly recommend checking it out.

In general you should probably spend more time in that fantastic library.


there is also this…

Patrick O’Reilly Trio at Lula Lounge






Shedding, working, sleeping, thinking.




Brother Levon & The Achromatics @ Lula Lounge

Have you been wandering around school lately and thinking wow these are some nice posters, but why does one band have a blurry photo and one band have a professional photo?. Well if you come to Lula on Sunday you can not only see Reuvan Grajner looking epic on stage with the Achromatics, but you can also see myself shredding minor pentatonic scales on rock tunes.

I think the idea is that people are going to dance to music at this event so if you were looking for a good time on Sunday Night you should come on out.

In all honesty it’s going to be really fun both bands play some groovy stuff.

This show also features U of T Alumnus Shannon Graham singing and playing some crazy tenor lines with Achromatics.





Harry’s Photo of the Week:




This chef is right. Have a conversation!


Quotes and Words of Wisdom:

“I’m always fine with things becoming Infant Eyes” -Max Forster

“I mean you can make a kid for free.” -Chase Sanborn

“Miles Davis…what about his brother Kilometres Davis?!” -Spencer from Brother Levon (I had never heard this before and thought it was really funny)

“You just gotta go with it.” -Harry Vetro

“We just have to accept the situation and make the best of it… All I’m concerned about is to do what i can for my family and myself. We all have a road to travel – and I really haven’t given much thought to how I arrived on it. But if I can help somebody on the way, then so much the better… The most important thing is to be free – and there are all kinds of freedoms”

-Kenny Clarke on the state of the times and how it influences one’s musical journey.

“I want Dave Neill to be my dad.” -Princess Keagan Eskritt


What Noah’s Listening To:

Vijay iyer – Tirtha

Steve reich – radio rewrite

Shye Ben Zur, Jonny greenwood, and the Rajasthan express – Junun


Also the Brad Mehldau-Chris Thile Duo record came out this week…it’s really good.


You all should really check out this video of Sonny Rollins that Geoff Young hipped me too…features him playing on the Williamsburg Bridge, in a forest and working with a high school  band. It’s called Sonny Rollins: Musician



If you’re looking for some art to check out. I’ve been looking at Monet’s paintings of Water Lilies from his famed garden at Giverny. Here’s one of them.





That’s all I got. Love each other and Keep Searching.


-Patrick Smith




















































































































































“Yo, I’m out of smokes.” -Alex Manoukas (basically every time I see him)

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