Jazz Weekly: Jan 9
Posted by Harry Vetro

This week in jazz…

Good afternoon Jazzers. I hope everyone is enjoying their first couple of days back…

We have an exciting week ahead of us, as follows.


Dog Leg Dilema

“This didn’t make it into the weekly so here it is!” – Nick Lavkulik
Here’s some stuff from the new record! https://doglegdilemma.bandcamp.com/album/not-this-time


Tonight @ The Emmet Ray – 8pm
This event is PWYC (Please Won’t You Come?)


U of T Rex Night

6:30 – John Nicholson

John Nicholson – Sax
Noah Franche Nolan – Piano
Irene Harrett – Bass
Patrick “Neil” Armstrong – Drums

7:20 – Nick Lavkulik

Russell Mathews – Sax
Nick Lavkulik – Guitar
Irene Harrett – Bass
Harry Vetro – Drums

8:10 – Ben Edgecombe

Ben Edgecombe – Sax
Nick Lavkulik – Guitar
Josh Sinclair – Piano
Harry Vetro – Drums

The Emmet Ray

“I have a fun one on MONDAY next week with a new collective I’m playing in.” Ernesto Cervini

Monday, January 9th @ 9:30pm
The Emmet Ray
924 College St.

Kelly Jefferson – Tenor Saxophone
Artie Roth – Bass
Ernesto Cervini – Drums


Ornate Ornette (the music of Ornette Coleman)
Tuesday Jan. 10, 7:30pm

Ornate Ornette returns to the second-tuesay-tranzac month on Tuesday Jan. 10, 7:30pm, exploring the vast compositions of Ornette Coleman. This time the team will be recent graduates and current grad students: Emily Dennison, tpt; Alexei Orechin, gtr and effects; Alex Lank, drumset; and Phill Albert, bs. PWYC, I hope to see some people there!


This show is really fun to watch and Phil is a killer bass player, come out :)


Upper Jazz Concerts

No Upper Jazz Concert

120 Diner
Marie Goudy & Alison Young,


couldn’t find anything, let us know in the facebook group.

My Mishapen Ear
First Tranzac show for this new-ish band, featuring:

Anthony Argatoff
Andrew Furlong
Joe Sorbara

Compositions by every member.

Southern Cross Room
Two Sets
Oatmeal Stout

Free!! Otterville Show @ The Hart House

> Andrew Downing
> Tara Davidson
> Paul Mathew
> Andrew Miller
> Christine Bougie
> Michael Davidson
> January 13th, Arbour Room, Hart House, 9:00pm


Harry Vetro Presents…
Sonic Cafe (Cecil & Spadina)
9pm – 11pm

Join Harry and his friends for a night of music.

9pm – Trio
Madeleine Ertel – TPT
Nick Lavkulik – GTR
Harrison Vetro – DRMS

10pm – Adolescence
Emily Denison – TPT
Harrison Argatoff – SAX
Jacob Thompson – PNO
Dan Pitt – GTR
Harrison Vetro – DRMS + Compositions

Photo of The Week


“You were born like 10 years ago” – Erik Stokholm to Kaelin Murphy

“The sushi never ends” – Nolan Murphy

“That was not tight vibrato – you could sail a ship through that vibrato”
-Thomas Houlden

“I’m such a fan of food wrapped in bread”
-Russell Matthews

“You can’t be in the Boss Brass and not have a liver of steel”
-Thomas Houlden

As always, have a great week :)


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